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Day Seven

First official scrimmage of the year today at Husky Stadium in front of around 2000 people which is a pretty amazing number for an 0-12 team during spring practice.

Overall was a pretty even performance between the offense and defense but the defense dominated in the early going. The one's faced off against the one's and the two's played against the two's.

The offense scored four touchdowns on the day. The first TD was a 10 yard catch by fade Kearse from Locker. The second TD was an 80 or so yard yard kickoff return by Jordan Polk. The last touchdowns were 1-yard runs by freshman Demitrius Bronson in short yardage situations. Anthony Boyles had 4 receptions for around 70 yards. Erik Folk was 3-for-3 on his field goal attempts.

The defense had 3-4 sacks on the day but early whistles make that a little tougher to evaluate. Magnum and Tuiasosopo both picked up interceptions.

Chris Polk, Brandon Johnson, and D'Andre Goodwin all sat out with minor injuries.

Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times kept some unofficial stats on the scrimmage.

Jake Locker 10-18, 142 yards, 1 TD, O ints.
Ronnie Fouch 11-21, 146 yards, 0 TDs, 1 int.
Taylor Bean 1-2, 11, 1 int.

Scott Eklund from Dawgman

 “Obviously we’ve got a lot of things to clean up on both sides of the ball, but we were able to get a lot of areas and special situations done like in special teams, two-minute situations, goal line stuff, some short yardage stuff so we got a lot accomplished and now we can go back to the film and clean stuff up.”

Jerry Brewer from the Seattle Times

The education of Locker continues to be the most pressing issue in the program. During his four months on the job, Sarkisian has tried not to make the Huskies so Jake-centric, hoping to relieve some of the quarterback's pressure and eliminate the false notion that Montlake Jake can carry the team to competitiveness by himself. Still, the coaches understand the importance of maximizing the talents of such a rare athlete.

Quote of the Day

Defensive coordinator Nick Holt put in the pressure packages for the defensive line, and Sarkisian was impressed with how well the starters, notably Daniel Te'o-Nesheim, who played the entire scrimmage at end, carried it out. "Daniel again created havoc today," Sarkisian said. "Our front, I thought, was really impressive."

Coach Sarks Top Five

1. Players of the Day: On Offense Demitrius Bronson and on Defense Nate Williams. 

2. Play of the Day: Offense’s 2 min. drive at the end of the first period.
3. Coach of the Day: Jimmie Dougherty "Got to have the ‘eye of the tiger!’"

4. Thought of the Day: You’ve got to find a way, to find a way.
5. Team Competition Winner: Special Teams