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Day Six

Here’s the schedule for practice number six from Matt Peterson. The emphasis today will be on special teams and two-minute situations. This afternoon’s forecast calls for mostly sunny skies and a high of 56.

The team will be practicing in helmets and shorts so they can get healthy before Saturday's scrimmage. That scrimmage should be pretty fun to watch. I think it will give everyone a good idea of where the team is right now.

2:15 p.m. Special Teams / Team / Offense & Defense / Position Meetings
4 p.m. Explode & Run-Thru
4:15 p.m. Special Teams Walk-Thru
4:20 p.m. Stretch
4:30 p.m. Practice #6
6:15 p.m. Off the Field

I happened upon this article today in Seattlest. I like it! It gives a good picture of what is going on at practice.

Profanities fill the air like runway geese, but praise is heaped in equal amounts. The overall impression is one of fairness. Whether there is enough talent on the field to overcome recent failures remains to be seen. But you get the feeling that Sark and his crew will be on these guys until they get faster, get better, and finish each and every damn play.

The weather turned foul this afternoon so the Huskies headed into the Dempsey for practice today.

The big news of the day was QB Luther Leonard was switched to WR. Luther's arm strength wasn't cutting it at QB and even thought the Huskies are down to only two scholarship QB's the move had to happen.

Anthony Boyles had another good day and Vonzell McDowell was back out there and was burned on a 40 yard Boyles reception.

The team scrimmaged 11 on 11 for the last half of practice in anticipation of tommorows full pad scrimmage. a lot of emphasis today was spent on the two minute drill. Demetrius Bronson had a 65 yard run during that period of practice. He is looking more and more like a guy that will contribute this coming season.

Jake Locker had his best day this spring which was good to see. Hopefully he will continue to progress on Saturday when they are in full pads.

Erik Folk went 4-of-5 on his field goal attempts with his only miss coming from 52 yards away.

Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times

"I thought Jake was a lot better today,'' Sarkisian said. "There was a lot of emphasis on throwing the ball today, that's why were inside. He threw the ball well. In the seven-on-seen we didn't catch the ball particularly well, but I thought we threw the ball better today with more accuracy and on time, so I was really impressed with Jake.''

Scott Eklund from Dawgman

The offense had a good showing in today’s high-tempo practice in the Dempsey Center. Big plays by WR Anthony Boyles and Demitrius Bronson highlighted what Husky head coach Steve Sarkisian said was a good day of work even though the team was just in helmet’s and shorts.

Quote of the Day

"There will be tackling, and we’ll play football," he said. "I don’t know if it will be so much different, but I think it’s a mindset for our guys that this is kind of their first test. We’ve gone through six days now, and now it’s time to test them."

Coach Sarks Top Five

Locker had a solid day of passing the ball. Izbicki and Bronson continue to impress. On defense Darion Jones and Marquise Persley had solid days.

1. Players of the Day: On Offense Cody Bruns and on Defense Marquis Persley.
2. Play of the Day: Tripper Johnson’s interception the last play of practice.
3. Coach of the Day: Demetrice Martin"Count on us, to stay on top!"
4. Thought of the Day: It is not for everybody.
5. Team Competition Winner: Defense