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Morning thoughts

The Huskies will be practicing today in helmets and shorts so they can get the team healthy for Saturday's scrimmage. I will have the usual info and links up after practice is over.

In the meantime Bob Condotta of the Times did a chat yesterday and it as usual was interesting.

A couple readers asked questions about the coaches swearing at practice and about fighting. I guess after four years of Tyrone people forgot that coaches swear on occasion and players do mix it up from time to time. Have we entered such a politically correct era that people are suprised by that?

Another thing I found interesting was that Sark had some of his kids with him at the end of practice when he was being interviewed. His young daughter kept coming up behind him to put a stuffed bunny on his shoulder while he was on camera which was pretty funny. The coach took it all in stride and told the media to get used to it.

The interviews that take place almost immediately after practice are refereshing after four years of Tyrone. Sark and the players are very available which is great to see. He doesn't beat around the bush either. You ask him a question and he gives you a very straight forward answer.