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Ten things to take away from Tuesday

1. The Huskies are are starting from scratch and everyone is getting the opportunity to earn a place on the team.

2. The level of tempo has increased and more things are getting done in the short time allotted. Teams play like they practice. The faster they practice the faster they play.

3. There is some pretty intensive one on one teaching going on. Sarkisian is active all over the field working one on one with players. Coach Holt is seriously loud.

4. The offensive line is being completely overhauled to find the right combination of players to provide the push to move the offense. The Huskies are trying to put together an athletic group that can run. Expect the lineup to shuffle for most of the spring as they tinker with what works best.

  • C Tolar - Ikehara
  • G Kelemete - Rosborough
  • G Ossai - Sedillo
  • T Schaeffer - Carroll
  • T Habben - Fancher

4.  EJ Savannah is still the best defensive player on the roster after taking an involuntary year off. The linebackers as a whole played well yesterday and should be one of the best LB units in the Pac 10 this season.

5. Jake Locker has a lot of work to do to become comfortable in the new offense. Jake is still throwing high and his instincts are still to run first. His next three weeks playing actively under Sarkisian and Nussmeier will be interesting to watch.

6. Chris Izbicki is going to get a lot of time to show what he can do this spring. Middleton and Izbicki are the only scholarship TE's on the roster. Dorson Boyce is missing out on the opportunity to earn a starting spot by not taking care of academics.

7. Daniel Teo Nesheim is getting looks inside. The Huskies want to rotate him through the lineup to make it harder for teams to prepare for him.

8. Chatter on the field. Willingham hated chatter the new coaches love it. This team is going to be allowed to be more emotional.

9. No moves yet in the defensive backfield. We still expect the coaches to make some moves to balance out the team over the next three weeks.

10. Team fitness has increased. The weight loss is impressive and you wonder how Sarkisian did more in that area in four months than Willingham did in four years. That being said miracles don't happen in four months. Check back in 20 months and you will see a roster capable of physically challenging for championships if they keep it up.