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More PI Musings

Word out on the street is their will definitely be an Online Seattle PI staffed by around twenty people when the print edition closes. Don't count on any of your old favorites sticking around for it. The new PI staff will be very skeletal in nature with salaries and benefits slashed to the bone for those that choose to remain.

Another angle that is being pursued by the soon to be ex employee's is to form their own local web news organization called the Seattle PostGlobe.

A group of Seattle Post-Intelligencer employees is seeking to raise $250,000 to start up an online local news site if Hearst Corp. decides to shut down the daily newspaper and not pursue an online-only site of its own.

The employees are setting up a nonprofit entity called the Seattle PostGlobe. About 20 P-I staffers say they are prepared to work without pay until they can raise funds.

 I wouldn't mind seeing an independent Seattle Sports page as another example. If you want to stay in journalism maybe you have to be grass roots creative.