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A Few Notes On Intensity

I would have bet a considerable sum that the Husky basketball team was going to have an emotional let down last night. By no stretch of the imagination did I think they would lose the game. I did figure they would be thinking about was WSU and that would give Seattle U at least an opening to be respectable last night.

I was absolutely wrong!

Washington came out with the intensity of a Velociraptor and showed Seattle University absolutely no mercy the entire evening. They approached this contest like it was the national championship game.

You love to see that if you are a Husky fan because it shows beyond the shadow of the doubt that this team is ready to go very deep in the NCAA tournament. Coach Joe Callero of Seattle U who knows more than a little bit about basketball suggested that the Huskies are very capable of going to the Elite Eight and beyond.

I agree with him. I saw some things last night which show me Washington has pushed its game to another level and is peaking at exactly the right time.

All this being said there is a lot of balance in the top 32 this year and picking one team to win it all is almost impossible. I do like Washington's chances because of the depth and the pressure they are able exert on the opposition.

If you are a Husky fan it is time to get really excited because this team has the ability to do things we haven't seen since 1953 when Washington last visited the Final Four.

This is a working class team that gets it. It isn't driven by a lone superstar but the sum of all the parts working in cohesion has created something special and memorable.

Buckle your seat belts Husky fans it is going to be a bumpy and unforgettable ride!