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Spring Practice Thread

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Press Conference

Sarkisian said the team would likely scrimmage three times during spring drills prior to the annual Spring Game on April 25, though some of that would depend on injuries.

Sarkisian expressed concern over the team's lack of depth in many areas which is quite a culture shock to him after coming in from USC.

Sarkisian didn't make a depth chart available to the media gathered for a pre-spring luncheon and said that was by choice.

"For us as a coaching staff, this is a clean slate. This is our depth chart," he said, holding up a full roster of the entire team, "and it's going to shape itself as we go forward.

DT Senio Kelemete has been officially moved to offensive line.

Jake Locker's thumb is 100% and the goal is to get him to throw at a 60% completion ration in 2009.

OT Terrence Thomas, S Jason Wells, and RB Brandon Yakaboski will miss drills because of injuries.

Guys who will end up seeing limited action are are CB Vonzell McDowell, LB Kurt Mangum, S Victor Aiyewa, RBs Chris Polk and Terrance Dailey and TE Romeo Savant.

News from beyond

Steve Sarkisian said on his Twitter page that he will have a staffer offering live updates of today's workout. Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times is going to try to do that to if it is allowed. The access is going to be pretty good with only cell phones and cameras banned from the stadium.

"The common fan has a pretty hard time really deciphering what we are working on,'' he said. "There is going to be a lot of every day drill work you're going to get accustomed to.'' That's why the most stringent guidelines on attending practice are on cameras and cell phones, the two ways spectators might be able to record what the team is doing. Simply saying "they worked on deep passes today'' or something isn't really going to give anything away.

The condensed version of Nick Daschel on Buster Sports. Washington fans need to get a clue, and maybe Sarkisian can give them one.

Sarkisian got off to a good start Monday during his introduction to spring practice press conference. He didn’t offer a depth chart, because that would have been absurd without having spent one minute on a practice field with the players. Sarkisian promised the coaching staff would show a lot of energy, with the expectation that players match it. He didn’t lock quarterback Jake Locker into a particular style, other than to say his completion percentage had to rise above 60 percent.
Introducing Strength Coach Ivan Lewis

The Coach Sark Blog does a nice job of introducing Coach Lewis with a written interview and a 1:37 second video showing winter workouts.

Some of the more notable numbers from winter conditioning were turned in by LB Donald Butler (365-pound bench press, 500-pound squat), DE Darrion Jones (460-pound bench), OL Ben Ossai (385-pound bench, 505-pound squat), DL Alameda Ta'amu (375-pound bench, 545-pound squat), OL Ryan Tolar (555-pound squat) and S Jason Wells (335-pound bench, 450-pound squat).

Practice Notes

2:15pm Special Teams / Team / O&D / Position Meetings
4:00pm Explode & Run-Thru
4:15pm Special Teams Walk Thru
4:20pm Stretch
4:30pm Practice #1
6:15pm Off the Field

Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times was out there freezing his fingers off. Here is his report from todays practice.

As mentioned in the earlier entry, the most noteworthy personnel news was the No. 1 offensive line featuring Cody Habben and Drew Schaefer at tackles, Ben Ossai and Senio Kelemete at guard and Ryan Tolar at center. The biggest move there is Ossai, a two-year starter at left tackle, going inside.

The offensive line was the staff's biggest concern going into spring so look for them to continue to experiment moving guys around to find the best combination.