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UW needs to be on guard against Seattle U

Tonight's game is going to be very interesting and it will be broadcast on FOXNW so if you are not at the game you will be able to watch it home on TV.

Washington is coming into this game thinking of Washington State and an outright conference championship. In other words they are not taking Seattle University seriously. I have heard comments where the starters feel this will be a good game for the bench players to get some increased playing time and work some kinks out to get ready for the Pac 10 tournament.

I have news for you...Seattle U is treating this game like the Rose Bowl and despite being a first year division one team that has built a winning record against bantamweight opponents they do have the ability to pull off an upset. I am not saying it is going to happen but if Washington lets it guard down the Redhawks are going to give them a serious battle.

Seattle U and Washington have played three common opponents this season in Portland, Portland State, and Oregon State. Washington lost its opener to Portland and was challenged by both Portland State and OSU.

Seattle U took the Pilots to the wire losing 71-67. They were respectable in losing 59-50 to Oregon State. They lost to Portland State 73-68. The Vikings followed it up by knocking off Gonzaga in Spokane.

Washington may be the Pac 10 champion but there isn't much difference in the Pac 10 this year between being #1 and #8. It is a pretty even conference and the one thing that sets the Huskies apart has been work ethic and depth. If Washington comes into this game expecting Seattle U to roll over they are going to be surprised.

The Huskies have superior talent, size, speed, experience, and a home court advantage all on their side. All that being said if they come out sloppy and shoot the ball poorly (how many times have we seen that) SU has a chance to make a statement in this one. UW may be the Pac 10 champs but they got their by working hard. If they take the night off it could end up costing them a lower seed in the tournament.