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My Top Ten Huskies for 2009

Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times has been doing his top ten Huskies list going into spring practice.

He asked his readers to put together their own list and this is mine.

1. QB Jake Locker - Who else? The offense revolves around Jake Locker and when he clicks the Huskies move the ball and are a threat to compete with anyone. When he is out  the results arent' very pretty.

2. DE Daniel Teo Neshein - He has the best motor on defense and if left free can wreck a defense from his side of the ball. He was doubled all last season. He needs some help to emrge on the DL to free him.

3. WR D'Andre Goodwin - The Flea emerged last season and enters the spring as the Huskies only prolific receiver.

4. LB Donald Butler - Sarkisian and Holt think Butler could have started for USC last season at LB

5. LB Mason Foster - Mason emerged as one the best LB's in the Pac 10 last season.

6. LB EJ Savannah - EJ was an all Pac 10 type player until he was thrown off the team. He teturns is better shape to try to wind up his career on a positive note. He is the best player on the defense if in shape and healthy.

7. TE Kavario Middleton - He gets mentioned because of potential. The kid can catch the ball. If he can learn how to block he will be a big help.

8. DE Everette Thompson - Really came on at the end of 2009 with a lot of promise.

9. LB Trenton Tuiasosopo - If the Huskies go with four LB's he is an experienced rock you can put in the middle to help stop the run.

10. RB Curtis Shaw - The Huskies need a go to back  to emerge from the roster and the teams fastest player with 20 extra pounds of muscle just may be ready to assume the role.