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Purdue vs Washington Game Thread

Villanova 89 UCLA 69

I don't think either team was exactly impressive in their opener. Judging on what I have seen I take the Bruins in this one.11-0 run for the Wildcats and a 20-9 lead with 12:35 left in the first half. Villanova is out playing UCLA at home today. 16:06 left and they lead 57-38.

Memphis 89 Maryland 70

The Terps surprised me by beating Cal. Memphis was sluggish in their first game but I think they will get by the Terps. 59-36 Memphis with 17:42 left in the second half. Memphis is on all cylinders today.

UConn 92 Texas A$M 62

I think most UW Husky fans would like to see the Aggies knock off the other Huskies. 43-22 UConn with 3:03 left in the first half. this one was over from the opening tip.

Purdue 74 Washington 72

This is the one we are all waiting for! This is going to be a very even match-up. Think UW vs WSU if you want to get a gauge on this one. Hummell beat Gant inside and it is 2-0. Brockman is guarding Johnson, Dentmon is on Moore. 4-0 early Purdue. Brockman for 2 on the offensive rebound. 5-2 with 16:36 left in the first. Purdue has three turnovers so far and MBA has checked in. Purdue's defense is doing a great job. Huskies are 1-7 from the field.

Purdue is keeping the Huskies from penetrating. 10-4 Purdue with 13:05 to go. It's 10-6 Purdue at the 11:50 time out. UW is 3-10 shooting, Purdue 4-10, and each has five turnovers. Purdue on a 10-2 run and has extended the lead to 15-6 with 10:39 left and Brockman comes back in.

20-13 after Dentmon hits a three with 8:39 to go. Three fouls on Purdue's Green. this is good looking slugfest of a game so far. 22-16 with 7:47 left. 22-18 and a 10-2 run by UW. Huskies only shooting 26% so far. Purdue responds with a three and two free throws. 27-18 with 6:22 left.

Overton comes back in. Thomas hits a three. 27-21 Purdue. Brockman getting held on offense. Hummell hits a three! 32-21 Purdue with just under 5 minutes to play. Purdue is hitting well from the outside and clogging things up inside for Washington's offense. The Boilermakers are out rebounding Washington. 35-21 after a Moore 3. This one might get out of hand pretty soon. Johnson is eating up Brockman...37-23 Purdue.

Huskies pick up the tempo and start attacking the basket and have cut the Purdue lead to 37-28 with :45 left. Huskies need to rebound better in the second half if they are going to win. 39-28 Purdue at the half.

This game isn't over by any means but Washington has some ground to make up against a very tough opponent. UW needs to make some adjustments so they can get the ball inside better. UW needs to shut down the Purdue three point threat. The Boilermakers out rebounded us 20-15. Pondexter leads UW with 10 points hitting 4-7 and Thomas has nine on 3-9 shooting. Pudues bench has outscored UW's 10-0.

Washington starts the second half with a turnover and Purdue hits a three. 44-30 and UW calls a timeout. UW needs to rebound, get help from the bench, get to the line early, and capitilize on those opportunities in the second half. Keeping the tempo up plays to UW's advantage. 47-35 with 15:52 left. Johnson still eating Brockman's lunch on offense. 51-41 at the 14:18 mark.

The Huskies tempo has picked up on defense. 51-43 after a Pondexter lay in. Two consecutive turnovers by Purdue at the 13:34 mark. 54-45- with 11:59 remaining after a Purdue 3 pointer and two UW foul shots.

58-51 with UW on a run at the 10:05 mark. Turner for three and Hummell is hurt. 58-54 with 8:59 left. IT is on fire! Brockman with his 60th career double-double. Huskies 11/16 in the second half. Thomas hits two at the line 58-56 at the 7:13 mark.

66-58 with 5:49 to go after a Purdue run. 66-60 Brockman inside. Thomas hits 2 and is fouled. 66-63 and four fouls on Moore at 4:56. Thomas one hits foul shot. 67-64. 3:58 left. 69-67 with 3:07 left on a Brockman tip in. 71-67 with 2:47 left.

Brockman 6-6 in the second half. 73-69 with 1:49 to go. 73-71 at 1:36 mark. Under a minute Purdue with the ball and a two point lead. Purdue at the line with two shots and a two point lead with 14 seconds left. 6.8 Brockman at the line and misses.

Ouch...nice comeback but we fell short!

North Carolina 84 LSU 70

Most of us have UNC picked as a final four team so I think they knock out LSU. 20-19 UNC at the 7:14 mark. 27-22 UNC with 4:00 left. 39-28 at the half UNC. 44-44 with 15:54 left. 56-54 UNC with 10:40 lef

Oklahoma 73 Michigan 63

This is a real good matchup and should go down to the wire. !8-15 Sooners at the 10:35 mark. 22-18 Oklahoma with 8:14 left. 30-29 at the half Oklahoma. 36-29 UO at the 17:46 mark.

Duke 74 Texas 69

Big early matchup but Coach K and company should be able to escape the Longhorns.

Gonzaga 83 Western Kentucky 81

The Hilltoppers match up very well with the finesse oriented Zags. Freshman guard Demetri Goodson's driving 6-footer with nine-tenths of a second on the clock rescued Gonzaga here Saturday night, and the Zags nosed out Western Kentucky in a second-round NCAA screamer, 83-81.