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Key Matchups

Washington's 6'7 250 lb John Brockman vs Purdue's 6'8 212 lb Robbie Hummell

Brockman is obviously going to be the most physical of the two inside but Hummell is very comfortable shooting the three so he could negate Brockman's muscle advantage inside if he draws him outside. This is a difficult match up and I could see Holiday or Gant picking him up if he starts hitting outside with Brockman switching to cover Johnson. If that happens you have Brockman giving up three inches to Johnson. Purdue wants this kid hot from he outside so they can draw Brockman away from the boards.

Edge Even: If Hummell starts hitting from outside and drawing Brockman too far out UW is going to have to make an adjustment. Offensively the Huskies will drive it inside and try to pick up fouls on the Purdue big men. Brockman is very good at this.

Washington's 6'6 Quincy Pondexter vs Purdue's 6'4 E'Twaun Moore

These two swing men have the ability to score. Moore averages 14 points a game and Quincy has been averaging 11.8. He is coming off a 23 point performance against MSU. I have to go with Quincy on this one. He is one of the hottest players all around in the tournament so far. Dentmon could also end up getting this defensive assignment depending on how Romar wants to line up.

Edge Washington : Pondexter has developed a complete game and has the hot hand right now. Moore is going to get his points but Pondexter isn't going to get blown up by him.

Washington's 6'8 215 lb Darnell Gant / 6'9 235 lb Matthew Bryan-Amaning vs Purdue's 6'10 215 lb JaJuan Johnson

Tough matchup here for Washington. I would think that MBA gets a lot more minutes than usual this evening. Johnson is a pretty good defender. He was named to the All-Big Ten Defensive second team. I think this is one of the key match ups of the game.

Edge Even : This is a tough match up and I give Johnson a slight edge going in. Brockman could be the guy on him defensively if they move Gant or Holiday over to cover Hummell.

Washington's 5'8 180 lb Isaiah Thomas vs Purdue's 5'9 165 lb Lewis Jackson

Isaiah has been in a shooting slump and he is going to draw the best defensive guard in the Big 10 in Kramer at times. Jackson is only averaging 5.4 ppg. Thomas is good for double figures most nights.

Edge Washington: You have to give the Pac 10 freshmen of the year the nod over Jackson.

Washington's 5'11 185 lb Justin Dentmon vs Purdue's 6'3 205 lb Chris Kramer

Dentmon has been doing everything that is needed to win except scoring from downtown lately. Kramer is only averaging 5 ppg on offense but he us one of the best defenders in the Big 10.

Edge Even: Dentmon's quickness and scoring potential negates Kramer on defense. Dentmon needs to break out of the slump for UW to have an advantage here.

Venoy Overton vs The Purdue Guards

Overton can only be described as the most annoying back court presence I have seen on any team in this tournament. Purdue hasn't seen anything like this kid this year. He is a disruptive defensive force that Dick Harter would have loved.

Edge Washington: Chris Kramer is Purdue's version but Overton is over the top disruptive. Purdue will deal with him better than MSU did.

The Washington Bench vs The Purdue Bench

PG Venoy Overton, SG Elston Turner, SM Justin Holiday, and PF Matthew Bryan-Amaning can always be counted on to provide quality minutes during any stretch of the game. Overton was already described is a force. MBA brings a well rounded big man into the game who can score and defend. We all saw what Turner could do from the outside. He can jump start an offense. Holiday is smooth player and one of the best defenders on the squad.

Nemanja Calasan, Keaton Grant, Marcus Green are the guys off the bench for Purdue filling out an eight man rotation. Lewis Jackson is very underrated as a freshman point guard. He is incredibly quick and is a harassing defender. PF 6'9 250 lb Nemanja Calasan is capable of going off and he is a good potential guy to defend Brockman. Keaton Grant is an up and down shooter who is dangerous from the 3-point line.

Edge Washington: Pretty close but UW is a little deeper, faster, and diversified.

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