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First Round March Madness Game Thread Day Two

Lets follow the second day of first round action in the NCAA basketball tournament. No big surprises yet as the favorites seem to be having their way. Keep an eye though on North Dakota State. They could sneak up on Kansas.

Afternoon Session

I was hoping North Dakota would be able to pull it off but Kansas had too much depth. Dayton always surprises in this thing and knocking off WVU is a big upset!

Oklahoma 77 vs Tennessee 75

38-34 Okie State at the half. 60-56 Oklahoma State with just under eight minutes left. Tennessee has taken a 67-55 lead with 5:57 to go,

Syracuse 59 Stephen F Austin 44

The Orange lead 38-22 at the half. 59-39 Syracuse with under two minutes left in this one. This game wasn't supposed to be competitive and it wasn't.

Kansas 84 North Dakota State 74

The Jayhawks lead 43-34 at the half. Just like I thought NDST has climbed back into this one and it is 60-55 Kansas with 8:56 left. Kansas is asserting themselves now and is ahead 69-59  with 5:47 to go after a 7-0 run.

Marquette 58 Utah State 57

The Golden Eagles lead 26-18 at the half. Utha State has rallied and it is 36-55 Golden Eagles with 10:59 left in the game. Marquette has a lot of talent but not a lot of discipline. They could go far or be one and done. 43-58 Eagles with 7:39 to go after a nice three.

Pittsburgh 72 East Tennessee State 62

Closer game than you would have thought with the gamed tied at 28 with 18:44 left in the second half. Still a cose one with 15:29 left. Pitt up by two 35-33. 40-40 with 12:19 left in the game. 50-56 with Pitt is starting to pull away with 5:54 left. 71-62 Pitt with :24 left. Nice effort by ETSU.

Arizona State 66 Temple 57

The Owls are hanging in with the Sun Devils who lead 52-49 with 5:59 left in the game. 58-53 Devils with 2:58 left! 62-55 with 30 seconds to go and it looks like the Devils are going to win this one and face Syracuse on Sunday.

Missouri 78 Cornell 59

Cornell has been on the Tigers talils all game but Mizzou is starting to pull away leading 38-31 with 14:43 left 44-34 at this point with 14:55 left. 53-38 Mizzou with 12:38 to go and that means they are probably going to go on and win this one after a close first half. 60-48 Mizzou with 5:40 left. 76--59 with :29 left.

Dayton 68 West Virginia 60

The Flyers never fail to surprise and they lead West Virginia 41-33 with 17:10 left in the second half. WVU has gone on a run and has narrowed the margin to 41-37 with 14:46 left. 11:42 to go and Dayton clings to a 48-44 lead. 50-47 Dayton with 10:17 left. WVU is playing better them right now and has the momentum. 7:12 left and Dayton is still ahead 54-52. 65-68 Dayton with :42 left. Johnny West the son of Jerry West plays for WVU just like the old man did. Nice upset!

Evening Session

Plenty of games of interest to us early tonight. My wife went to BC so we will be focusing on USC and Boston College. I like Arizona over Utah. We all to root for Portland State against Xavier. Louisville should have no problem with Moorehead State.

USC 72 Boston College 55

BC is up 23-20 with 5:27 left in the half. Two pretty evenly matched teams with BC having the edge in maturity. BC leads 34-30 at the half. USC wears them out in the second half.

Xavier 77 Portland State 59

Upset Alert! 25-24 PSU with 7:23 left in the first half. Portland State can shoot fromt he outside. Three's will be a big factor in helping PSU gain traction.37-27 Xavier with 4:12 left. Dominguez is having a monster game tonight but the Vikings are getting pounded in the paint. Xavier leads 42-35 at the half. Xavier just wore the Vikings down.

Arizona 84 Utah 71

Arizona 29-23 with 3:09 left in the half. Arizona leads 34-29 at the half. UA almost blew the Ute's out early but they bounced back. Nice win for the Wildcats.

Louisville 74 Moorehead State 54

Upset Alert! Tighter than you would think with Louisville leading 34-29 with 2:35 left in the first. Louisville has a slim 35-33 lead at the half. Louisville blows them out in the second half.

Sienna 74 Ohio State 72

Upset Alert! 17-15 OSU with 5:54 left in the first. OSU leads 28-23 at the half. tight game at 41-39 OSU with 10:28 left. Sienna hits a big three with 56 seconds remaining to pull within one. Sienna at the line with 8 second left. 56-56 and OSU calls a time out with 8 seconds to go. This one goes to overtime! 63-62 with 9.1 remaining in overtime. OSU has the ball. OSU hits both for a 65-62 lead. Siena hots a three to tie. Double overtime!! 68-68 with 1:40 to go. 71-70 Sienna with 35.4 left. Sienna hits a three with 3 seconds left!

Cleveland State 84  Wake Forest 69

Upset Alert! CSU is up 22-10 with 10:56 left in the first. CSU leads 35-21 with 4:45 left in the first half. CSU leads 39-30 at the half. 53-46 CSU with 12:08 left. CSU has led by as many as 17. Big upset win for SCU.

Michigan State 77 Robert Morris 62

22-18 MSU with 11:16 left in the first. Tied at 30-30 with 4:30 left in the first half. 41-30 MSU at the half. MSU is blowing them out 53-32 with 14:46 left.

Wisconsin 61  Florida State 59

10-5 UW with 11:26 left in the first. 17-14 FSU with 6:33 left. Seminoles lead 31-19 at the half. 31-27 FSU with 15:56. Wisoconsin playing itself back into the game. 46-42 FSU with 3:49 to go. Tied at 52 with 17 seconds to go. This one goes to overtime. 59-58 with 8.3 seconds left and Wisconsin has the ball. UW hits a layup with two seconds left and there is a foul! 61-59 with two seconds.