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MSU vs UW Game Thread

Feel free to jump in and interact any way you want. Lets hope Washington can get by a tough Bulldog team and advance to play the winner of the Purdue/Northern Iowa clash in the second round.

Memphis 81 Cal State Northridge 70

This one was looking like a potential bracket buster. CSNU has been matching baskets and intensity with Memphis all day. The Tigers lead 34-31 at the half. When you let the underdog hang around like this bad things can happen. Memphis put together a string of points at the end of this one to put it away. the score is no indication of how close this one was. Memphis put together a 20-6 run at the end of the game.

LSU 75 Butler 71

Butler has rallied in this one and is down 35-29 at the half. LSU came out early and dominated but Butler is making this one a game. This one ended going down to the wire but LSU was able to convert some crucial shots at the line to came away with the win.

Texas AM 79 BYU 66

The Aggies look like the superior team and are playing like it leading 42-30 at the half. BYU never seriously challenged in this one which is unusual in a game between #9 and #8 seeds.

Purdue 61 Northern Iowa 56

48-42 Purdue with 6:58 left in the game. NIU is making a run on the Boilermakers by getting the ball inside. Purdue was able to keep the six point cushion for most of the game and gets the win. They will play the winner of the MSU/UW game on Saturday.

U-Conn 103 Chattanooga 47

48-20 U-Conn at the half. The other Huskies overcome the absence of coach Jim Calhoun who was ill and could not attend the game.

North Carolina 101 Radford 58

53-44 UNC at the half. This one was never a contest.

Maryland 84 California 71

34-31 Maryland at the half. Cal leads 51-50 with 11:49 left in this one. Maryland goes on a run after that and is up by 10. Looks like the Bears are about to fold. one and done for the first Pac 10 to play.

Washington 71 Mississippi State 58

A nice hole in the schedule between the day time and night time games means the entire country will be watching most of this one. Here we go the game has started! Washington is just all over Vanardo.

Sounds like it is a Washington crowd so the concern of Portland fans rooting for UW isn't happening. Vanardo draws his first foul. UW is taking the ball right at him. Fouls are going to be a problem for MSU. They have four so far early.

Venoy just entered the game so UW is going to turn up the pressure. Both teams are substituting freely so far. UW hasn't really hit the stride on offense yet. MSU is doing a nice job on defense. Amaning picks up two quick fouls.

Washington defense is smothering at this point and MSU has 6 fouls already. UW is doing the little things that set the table for later on. Vanardo is getting muscled so he hasn't been much of a factor. Brockman is a rebound machine. Overton is just pestering MSU on every possesion.

Washington has stretched it out to a 10 point lead at 29-19 with 3:26 left in the second half. Brockman has been sitting with two fouls so this run has been impressive. Elston Turner has seven points and Quincy Pondexter 10 to lead the Huskies.

The story of the game so far has been the Washington defense. UW owns the perimeter in this one just as I expected. On the inside the Huskies have a little too much muscle for the Bulldogs to counter. Varnardo has not been a factor and has been on the bench much of the first half in foul trouble.

MSU cuts the lead to six but UW responds behind Quincy Pondexter to extend the lead to 11 at the half. Keep in mind that Brockman has been on the bench for around ten minutes this half.

UW is doing exactly what they need to do to win this game. I like what I am seeing so far and UW has the potential to go deep with pressure defense like this. They have taken MSU completely out of their game.

Second Half

Vanrado and Brockman are back in the game and UW is just muscling him again inside. Not a great matchup for MSU. Huskies up quickly by 13 at 40-27. Isaiah Thomas is only 2-8 from the floor today. Brockmam has eight rebounds so far.

42-27 now as UW is working Varnardo hard. 44-27 and UW is running away with 17:29 remaining. We have plenty of time but the Bulldogs don't have an answer for UW's muscle inside and quickness on the perimeter.

Washington starts to loosen up by shooting some 3's. They don't need to shoot 3's. They need to keep driving it inside and put these guys away. Brockman took a thunderous spill that is going to leave a mrk but he bounced right back up. Huskies lead by 14.

MSU's Vanardo now has four fouls. Brockman has just been taking it to him in the second half. Washington owns these guys. Overton is back in the game and is going for the juggler. He is just disrupting MSU all over the court. Three fouls on Brockman as he picks up on offense.

48-32 Washington with 12:33 left in the game. Overton, Brockman and Bryan-Amaning all have thre fouls at this point. 50-32 Washington and they now have their biggest lead of the game.

57-41 Washington with 8:05 left as Overton picks up his fourth foul. 61-44 Washington as Brockman sits with four fouls with 5:31 left.

The Huskies are in cruise control right now with Brockman and Overton back in the game with 2:15 left and a 64-48 lead. MSU has decided to start fouling on every possession which will drag this one out. MSU has hit a couple of three's to cut the lead to 12 with 1:26 left. Overton gets a nice dunk on a feed from Thomas. MSU is still fouling down by 12 with 42 seconds left. Artem Wallace enters the game along with Wolfinger so there are your victory cigars.

Another double-double for Jon Brockman and 23 points from Quincy Pondexter. Next up for the Huskies is a tough Purdue team on Saturday.

Texas 76 Minnesota 62

The Longhorns are pulling away 47-39 with 16 minutes to go. Minnesota rallied to close the lead to 6 but the Longhorns responded to push it out to 64-52. 70-56 Texas with 3:41 left. this one is over unless the Gopers can hit some quick three's.

Michigan 62 Clemson 59

43-30 Michigan with 15 minutes to go. Clemson is hanging around with eight minutes to go trailing 51-43 to the Wolverines. 58-46 Michigan with under 5 minutes to go. Clemson came back from 16 down and had a chance to tie at the buzzer biut missed the three.

Villanova 80 American 67

Upset Alert! American leads 41-31 at the half! 55-47 American with 10:15 left. Villanova has come back from a 14 point deficit and trail 55-53 with 7:15 left. This is anyones game. Villanova is on a 13 point run and has taken the lead 60-55 with 5:23 left. Looks like little American will fall to Villanova after a valiant fight.

Gonzaga 77 Akron 64

Another upset alert as Akron is matching up very well with the Zags trailing 38-35 at the half. The Zags are still behind 41-39 with 17 minutes left. 46-43 Akron with 15:25 left. The Zips are outplaying Gonzaga tonight. I think the Zags lack toughness. Zags put together a 7-1 run to take the lead 50-49 with 12:49 left. 7:59 left and Gonzaga has taken a 57-52 lead. Josh Heytvelt is on fire with 23. He has been hitting 3's from the top of the key. 6:25 left and the Zags lead 64-52. This one is over and the Zags will advance after a 27-4 run to take a 70-54 lead.

Duke 86 Binghampton 62

This one was destined to be an ugly matchup and it has been. Duke leads 83-56 with under two minutes left.

Oklahoma 82 Morgan State 54

Who would have thought Morgan State would be in the tournament this year after Washington manhandled them early this year. They made it in but Oklahoma has no problem with them. It is 67-47 Oklahoma with five minutes left.

UCLA 65 Virginia Commonwealth 64

VCU is another team I picked to wear the potential slipper in the first round this year. UCLA is holding on with 7:46 left leading 55-44. 1:28 left and VCU is behind 63-60. UCLA has only shot 33% in the second half. UCLA 63-62 with 1:17 left. Aboya hits a couple fromthe charity stripe to take a three point lead with a minute to go 65-62. VCU takes it to the inside and draws foul #4 on Aboya and it is 65-64. 11.6 left to go and VCU is going to get the last shot and a chance to win it. VCU misses and UCLA wins.

Western Kentucky 76 Illinois 72

WKU is one of the Cinderella's I picked as an upset choice in the first round and they are proving me correct tonight because they have been pounding the Illini all night. The Hilltoppers hold a 50-36 lead with around 13:54 remaining. Illinois is till lurking behind the three point shooting of Trent Meacham but still trail 63-51 with 8:05 left. 5:21 left and WKU seems headed to victory leading 68-51. 71-64 WKU with 1:24 left in this one. Illinois has worked themselves back into this one with three point shooting. 15-3 Illinois run and it is 71-66 with a little over a minute to go. 71-68 WKU with 32 seconds left after a goal tending call. WKU up at the line for 2 with 30 ticks left. 73-70 with 20 seconds to go. WKU has the ball and they draw the foul with 16.3 left. They miss the first and hit the second. 76-72 with .9 seconds left. WKU will face Gonzaga on Saturday.