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Will the Portland fans root against Washington?

Most of us feel Washington will have a home court advantage in Portland due to the proximity to Seattle and the possibility of a lot of Husky fans attending the game. The games however have been pretty much sold out for months. Most of those tickets have gone to local fans.

Bob Condotta of the Times investigates this angle in todays blog.

Stansbury said he had learned a lot more about the rivalry in the time that MSU has been here --- Oregon is serving as the official host of this regional with UO athletic department officials manning many of the main jobs, such as facilitating interviews..

"There seems not to be a lot of love between these two programs,'' he said. "So if they want to help us we'll take all the help we can get. We're not going to turn down anyone who wants to cheer for us. We've been told a lot of tickets have been sold to Oregon people so Bulldogs love, love the Ducks.''