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WSU falls to St Mary's 68-57

WSU lost in the opening round of the NIT to St Mary's tonight. I didn't see that one coming since Gonzaga manhandled the Gael's during the regular season and in the WCC tournament.

The game was in Moraga at the Gaels tiny gym and the home advantage had to be a huge factor in this one. Patty Mills scored 27 points, 17 in the first half, leading St. Mary's to what I think should be considered an upset win.

The friendly prognosticators over at Coug Center had this among other things to say before the game about the Gaels.

And while all the buzz about tonight is going to surround super guard Patty Mills -- you'd think the guy was a lock for a top 5 NBA pick with how much man love has been thrown the guy's way this week -- I'll go ahead and go against those ever-so-knowledgable ESPN announcers and tell you that Mills will not decide the outcome of this game.

The Coug Center guys issued this disclaimer after the game.

I wish I could say I foresaw all the boneheaded turnovers in the first half, but there was just no way that should have happened. Disappointing, to say the least.

Patty Mills will get all the press in this one, but he's not the reason we lost. It didn't help, but his performance could have been overcome. Problem is, we were just too flawed in too many other areas to give ourselves a chance.

Loyal Cougar fans will now regroup to storm the Cherberg Center in Olympia on Wednesday to protest the extension and use of  tourist taxes raised in King County specifically for sports venues such as Husky Stadium and Key Arena which just happen to be in King County.

All kidding aside I hope we don't meet the same fate against Mississippi State on Thursday in Portland.