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Seattle PI reinvents itself starting Wednesday

This is the latest from the Hearst Corporation regarding the Seattle PI and its switch to an online news portal concept.

I find it interesting to read that there still may be life for Art Thiel and Jim Moore in this new incarnation. Word on the street was that everyone was moving on in the sports department.

" isn't a newspaper online—it’s an effort to craft a new type of digital business with a robust, community news and information Web site at its core," said Swartz. "It will feature the breaking news reporting of Chris Grygiel and others covering City Hall; Levi Pulkkinen reporting on the court system; popular staff blogs like Seattle 911 with Casey McNerthney and the Big Blog by Monica Guzman; columnists like Joel Connelly, Art Thiel and Jim Moore; and of course, the cartooning and commentary of two-time Pulitzer Prize winner David Horsey. The Web is first and foremost a community platform, so we'll be featuring new columns from prominent Seattle residents; more than 150 reader blogs, community data bases and photo galleries. We'll also be linking to the great work of other Web sites and blogs in the community."

I guess we will find out more in the morning when the staff publishes its final print edition. Dan Raley who is one of my personal favorites said today in his blog that he had been offered a position also but had declined.

I probably wasn't supposed to reveal this, but for anyone mad that I won't be continuing on with the Web site, I had an opportunity to join it but I couldn't make it work for me. Maybe some day. …

A large cut in pay / benefits and the loss of severance probably tipped the hand of more than a few veterans who opted to move on. The future of newspapers is no longer in is online as a portal. As the format grows perhaps we may see the day when some of our old friends come back to the digital PI.

I am a sports blogger and blogging has its place but I would hate to see the digital reincarnation of the PI become dominated by blogs. Blogs have their place but there is absolutely no substitute for full time career journalists and reporters.

The Final Print Edition

I wrote a series of features over the past few weeks about the writers who have covered the Huskies in the Seattle PI. One of those writers emailed me kiddingly to tell me it was weird to read one's own obituary. Well today they got to write their own and I think they did a great job.

Life will go on for all of them and while change is difficult hopefully it will bring new opportunities for them to prosper in the future.

Dan Raley's final Blog Post

This is goodbye. Heartfelt. Tearful. Somewhat involuntary.

After 30 years, and that's the longest relationship I've had with anyone except for a few chosen relatives, even trumping my marriage by a year, I'm headed out the door of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, which will no longer exist as a newspaper as of tomorrow.

Molly Yanity's final Blog Post

Lastly, I have had the best colleagues, friends and family during my time at the P-I. Nick Rousso is the greatest editor a reporter could have because you always knew two things: 1.) He would make your story better, and 2.) He would have your back. The third thing I personally always knew was that he would be my friend, too. Even after we'd fight like heck! Dan Raley is the best reporter I've ever known and I was so fortunate to have him as a mentor.

Jim Moore's final print column in the Seattle PI

To think that I won't work with them anymore bothers me more than anything else. I get along with everyone, but I'll miss Art Thiel and Dan Raley the most. They've been here for every one of my 26 years, and we have stories. Lord, do we have stories.

Art Thiel's final print column in the Seattle PI

Things change. Seven beers will evolve into multiple scotches, a toast to what has gone and what will be.