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A couple of clues why the Huskies were so bad last year

These 40 times were reported in Bob Condotta's blog today in the Seattle Times. Just a quick note on Bob. We all know how good he is but just wait till you see him operate starting this spring. The open door policy is really going to let his talent of observation shine.

Here are just a few reasons why the Huskies were so bad last year and a reason Ty Willingham no longer coaches the team. His players didn't get better while they were here and in some cases they simply regressed. These 40 times are just embarrassing.

When Sarkisian says the team needs to work on speed these samples show you just how desperate the situation is. It would be very interesting to see what the 40 times are for the current members of the team.


Casey Bulyca: 5.822, 5.952
Juan Garcia: 5.337, 5.3
Chad Macklin: 5.361, 5.342

Bulyca's time just may be the worst I have ever seen for a starting offensive lineman in the Pac 10. I knew guys as big and strong as him 30 years ago that ran better than that who didn't get a sniff from the Pac 10. You want the majority of your big guys running between 5.0 - 5.2. Sometimes you even get kids that run better than that.

I have to admit that 40 times sometimes can be a little deceiving for 300 pound plus guys because you are looking for leverage, space occupancy, and a quick first step. I have seen smaller linemen run as fast as 4.75 which is rare and exceptional. I have seen larger guys run 5.4's and have long careers in the NFL. The top time at the recently concluded 2009 NFL combine by an offensive lineman was 4.89 by Nebraska's Lydon Murtha who is 6'7 305.

Johnie Kirton: 4.932, 4.944
Donny Mateaki: 5.178, 5.221

Kirton's time isn't bad at all for a defensive tackle but he was recruited as a TB and played TE the majority of his career. Too slow for a DE and not experienced enough to be a quality DT. Mateaki graduated the year before but you ideally want 4.8 speed out of your DE's. This gives you a clue why we never had a pass rush while he was here.

Mesphin Forrester: 4.608, 4.645

I like Mesphin but 4.6 is way too slow for corner in this league and even a shade slow for a safety of his size.

Michael Gottlieb: 5.035, 4.997

Way too slow for a starting TE but about average for a walk on who gets a little playing time. You want a TE of his size running 4.8.

Charles Hawkins: 4.881, 4.852

Sure he was a walk on but that is way too slow for a WR who gets playing time.

Here is what you are looking for in 40 times

These are the NFL combine averages since 2005 on 40 times by position.

Quarterbacks: 4.87

Tailbacks: 4.56

Wide Receivers: 4.57

Tight Ends: 4.78

Offensive Line: 5.18 

Defensive Ends: 4.88 

Defensive Tackles: 5.19 

Inside Linebacker: 4.76 

Outside Linebacker: 4.74 

Cornerbacks: 4.47 

Free Safety: 4.57 

Strong Safety: 4.54