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Search for Marquis Cooper called off by Coast guard

Former Husky linebacker Marquis Cooper and three companions were reported missing off Florida's Gulf Coast after not returning from a fishing trip.

This is the latest from the Seattle PI and various news services.

Detroit Lions defensive end Corey Smith and Oakland Raiders linebacker Marquis Cooper, a former Washington Huskies player, were among four boaters missing Sunday off Florida's Gulf Coast, the Coast Guard and Smith's agent said.

Update: They have found the boat and one of the passengers alive clinging to it. The boat capsized in rough sea's and all the passengers clung on to the boat for safety during the night. They were all wearing life jackets but it seems that the other three were not able to hold on and are floating at sea.

The coast guard still has hope that they could be rescued but that window is closing rapidly. Even thought the water is 64 degree this time of year in the Gulf you can still suffer from hypothermia.

Update: The Coast Guard has called off the search which means the chances of finding Marquis and his two friends are about over. Even though the water is pretty warm off Florida it is almost impossible to survive this long in the water even with a lifejacket on beacuse of hypothermia.

Miracles do happen and we hope that will end up being the case in this situation.