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Jim Moore the Merry Prankster

With the Seattle PI closing in a couple of weeks or so we continue our tribute or as one PI columnist kiddingly told me obituaries of the PI writers who cover local college sports. Jim Moore is one of those guys and if you are a Husky fan you probably have some sort of opinion one way or the other about him.


What you may be surprised to learn is the sarcastic creator of "The Drill" and the endless taunter of all things Husky is actually universally liked by all who know him personally.

Fellow Coug "Benedict" Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times said this a couple of days ago in his blog.

Jim is actually a good guy --- sorry --- though I like his wife better and I mean that in the best way possible.

Jim has been with the Seattle PI for over twenty five years. Anyone will tell you these days that twenty five years in one place doing what you love to do is a pretty good gig.

Jim has had many assignments at the paper over the years but he came to my attention when he started writing a sarcastic column called "The Drill" in his pre Husky baiting days.

The Drill lacks ambition and will never amount to anything, and when you tell him this, he always says: "So." He's a Schick Shadel dropout who frustrated Pat O'Day with his endless stories of drunken debauchery.

"When I left the facility, I thanked him for listening," the Drill said.

I thought "The Drill" as in Dentists drill was just hilarious and I emailed to tell him so and in the years that followed Jim usually took the time write back when he wasn't on a bender. Seriously, Jim is actually one of the guys who inspired me to create this blog because I figured if he could write I could probably do it too.

He confided to me one day when I chided him on one of his just getting by efforts (there are many) that writing a column three days a week for what seems forever can be pretty challenging. Now that I am in those same shoes and have to do something every single day I can understand what he was getting at. Some days it is a real challenge.

Another thing Jim confided to me was that he really didn't enjoy "The Drill". It was an assignment rather than his own creation and he didn't enjoy being so mean at the expense of others even if I was enjoying it.

Once he was able to put "The Drill" on the shelf he was able to find a way to be mean to others and truly enjoy it by taunting everything Husky. Jim is a true WSU Cougar to the very bone of his being. His unique brand of sarcasm infuriates Husky fans who simply don't have much of a sense of humor.

Jim recently had an interview with new Husky DC Nick Holt.

"I LET YOU COME into my office and you're going to trash me?"

For a moment, Nick Holt seemed mad. He looks like the kind of guy who really goes nuts when he loses his cool, and I'm the kind of guy who doesn't want to get the hell beaten out of me by that kind of guy.

I assured him I wasn't going to trash him per se, but that I do take a Coug slant on things, and I couldn't automatically endorse the Huskies' new defensive coordinator like everyone else has. I'm also skeptical of men who wear gold necklaces.

Interesting slant because I too am skeptical of men who wear gold necklaces. I do let it pass when they are the type of guy who can bend me like a pretzel. Jim on the other hand couldn't let that one slide.

Many accuse Jim of being pretty one sided but the other day when WSU coach Paul Wulff's many transgressions at Eastern and WSU were exposed he had these comments in his blog which showed that every once in awhile he can play it straight.

I don't care if Eastern had several different presidents and ADs during his tenure; Wulff still shouldn't have screwed up to the point that the program was put on three years' probation and banned from postseason play in '09.

Many Husky fans were critical that he wrote about it in his blog and not in his column. That criticism was justified since he and his boss Art Thiel had both written about extremely minor and recent UW violations in their columns. Fact of the matter is they both tried to do exactly that but due to severe space limitations with the paper about to close there simply wasn't going to be any space allocated to it. It sounds like a hollow argument but as one local sportswriter told me recently. "We are all just trying to keep our jobs and that is the sad reality of the situation".

I am going to miss Jim Moore because I was always one of the people who got it and was on the inside of the joke. He isn't a mean guy and if you ran into him at a bar he just may be kind enough to let you buy him a couple of beers. He actually may need those beers since he is out job hunting.

The Seattle PI is going to be closing in a couple of weeks and we aren't going to have Jim Moore to kick around anymore. I am not saying the guy is Royal Brougham or Georg N Meyers but he made a significant impact on the local sporting scene while he was at the Seattle PI.

I don't know if you hate Jim Moore, love him, or are simply ambivalent. I do know one thing and that is we are all going to miss the merry prankster of the Seattle PI sports section.

If you see him out at the clubhouse after playing $15 twilight golf buy him a beer or three.

Any guy who has a Golden Retriever as a best friend is OK in my book.