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Huskies try to break the Maples Jinx

The Huskies will try to solve the case of the missing Jon Brockman today against Stanford in Maples Pavilion.

Brockman went 0 for 8 with four points and 13 rebounds against USC last month and on Thursday he went without a field goal in a loss to California. Obviously Washington needs to get that corrected for todays game against the Cardinal.

The solution is simply passing the ball around better. For some reason Husky point guards Isaiah Thomas and Venoy Overton just haven't moved the ball around well in those two games. Washington needs to concentrate better on getting the ball inside and the problem should be solved.

Other Pac 10 teams who have watched film on the Huskies realize that the Huskies can be hot and cold outside so they intentionally pack the middle to try to take Brockman and his almost guaranteed 18 points out of the game.

Washington has bounced back well from adversity all season but Maples Pavilion is a tough place to do that at. The Huskies haven't won here in 16 years which seems hard to believe, You have to go back to the days of Lynn Nance to find a victory in Palo Alto.

Washington and Stanford matched up well earlier this season in Hec Edmundson Pavilion. The Huskies were able to get a hard fought win in that contest. If Washington still has an eye on the Pac 10 crown they need to get this win this afternoon.