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All Time Husky Football Team - Punters

You guys voted for Joe Jarzynka, Beno Bryant, and Charles Frederick as the greatest Husky punt return artists of all time.

Frederick had that great game against Oregon State but what did he do for a career? Jarzynka was fearless but he wouldn't make my top five. Way too may guys ahead of him in my opinion.

I voted for Beno Bryant, Steve Bramwell, and Mark Lee. All three of these guys were a threat to take it home every time they touched the ball. It wasn't easy voting for just three.

Who were the Best Punters in Washington Football History?

So many football games are won by field position and the punter is usually the hero or the goat in so many of these situations.

A lot of good ones here led by Skip Boyd, Jeff Partidge, Don Martin, Rick Redman, and Bob Schloredt.

Have you noticed how many times Bob Schloredt and Rick Redman's names have come up during these polls? No wonder guys from that generation feel that they are a couple of the best Husky players of all time regardless of position.

Vote for your favorite three.

Polls close in 24 hours and we will move on to the next category.