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All Time Husky Team - Punt returns

Lawyer Milloy as expected nailed down the number one spot in our poll of Washington's greatest safeties. He was followed by the equally deserving Tony Parrish, Shane Pahukoa, Tommie Smith, Hakim Akbar, and Tim Peoples.

I voted for Milloy, Parrish, Pahukoa, and Peoples. If I had to add two more it would be Tommie Smith, and Vince Newsome. We have had a lot of great safeties over the years so it was hard to pick just four.

Who is the Best Punt Returner in Washington Football History?

This is quite a list led by guys such as Ernie Steele who was a tremedous all purpose back from the pate 30's and early 40's.

Dr. Steve Bramwell was one of the best of all time in this category. Who can ever forget Wild Bill Cahill from the Sixkiller years? In a more modern era Chalres Frederick had some unforgettable moments.

You get to vote for three this time.

You have 24 hours and then we move on to the next category.