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Rating the Washington Recruiting Class

When the recruiting rankings are finalized sometime later today Washington will be lucky to crack the top 60 in the rankings. That doesn't mean this is bad class because the JC players UW recruited will fill a lot of immediate needs if they can get in.

What it does mean is Washington recruited a class without any traditional consensus blue chippers. Last years class had eight guys led by Kavario Middleton who the scouts felt were pretty close to can't miss as you can get.

This years class is dominated by three star types and some kids who fell off the radar for one reason or another. Mason Foster was one of those type of kids and he was a great pickup. I think the UW staff did a great job finding some players who have that type of potential in this years class.

Another thing lacking in this class is balance. Washington only signed one offensive lineman and they didn't recruit a running back.

Overall it goes down as a good effort by Steve Sarkisian and his staff. Long time observers have been impressed with the agressiveness and urgency this staff approached recruiting this season. they feel the hard work put in this season will lead to a top class in 2010.

The coaches are already recruiting for a 2010 class led by locals Jake Heaps and Zach Fogerson. Heaps is set up to be the nations top recruit in 2010. Signing a kid like that early almost guarantees a top ten recruiting class. Fogerson could be the top rated FB in the country next year and he has already said he will follow his brother Johri to Washington.

Quarterback (A) - Washington picked up the guy they needed to get in Keith Price. He is a great sandwich pick in between Jake Locker and Jake Heaps. The kid is a leader and he can really play some ball. Husky fans will like what they see.

Of all the QB's on the West Coast this guy came on the strongest over the summer and fall last season. UW picked up a real good player who is an excellent fit for their offense.

Who UW missed on: James Boyd and Josh Moten ended up going elsewhere but I think their true value was at other positions.

Running Back (F) - UW failed to recruit a RB this season. They didn't even host one on a visit. UW has plenty of bodies at the position but the quality, health and durability of the unit is in question.

One thing UW has struggled to put in its arsenal is a power running back.

RB's UW missed on: Dasarte Yarnway (Cal), Dalton Hilliard (UCLA) and Cameron Marshall (ASU) never seriously looked at Washington after mid season.

Wide Receiver (C) -James Johnson is a good looking receiver that will RS before joining the depth at the position.

WR's UW missed on: Gino Simone (WSU) and Kirby Moore (BSU) were two of the best prospects in the state. You hate to lose players like that.

Tight End (A) - UW needed to pick up depth at TE with only two returning, Dorson Boyce, Marlion Bennett, and Kimo Makaula are all excellent propects which replenished the depth, talent and experience needed at the position.

Boyce should be able to compete for the starting job. We really liked watching Dorson Boyce's film. He knows how to block and he can catch the ball. He is going to come in and make an instant impact.

I watched a lot of film on Kimo Makaula playing QB and punting and came away with the impression that he is an exceptional athlete. I think Washington got a real steal.

Marlion Bennett is going to catch plenty of passes at Washington. I think he will make an ideal TE or H Back.

TE's UW missed on: Billy Sanders (UCLA)

Offensive Line (D) - UW needed 2-3 OL in this class and ended up with OG Daniel Mafoe who may struggle to qualify. Mafoe could be a quality plug in at guard. If he comes in late he may end up on defense because that is easier to learn.

UW was in on a lot of HS offensive tackles late but couldn't get any of them to pull the trigger.

Guys UW missed on: Stan Hasiak (UCLA), Eddie Williams (UCLA), Joshua Andrews (OSU), Mana Rosa (OSU), Grant Enger (OSU), Charles Siddoway (Cal), Kevin Danser (Stanford), and Jeremiah Toefaeono (Utah).

Defensive Line (B) - UW picked up four HS linemen with good potential in Semisi Tokolahi, Talia Chrichton, Andru Pulu, and Chris Robinson. 

What kept this class from becoming an "A" was the last minute loss of highly touted JC DE Ryan Davis to California. Losing Myles Wade to Texas Tech didn't help either.

Semesi Tokolahi is a real sleeper with a tremendous upside from Hilo, Hawaii. He has great size and speed. Washington scored big time getting this kid.

Andru Pulu came on the radar screen during his senior year after delivering some impressive performances. Brandon Huffman from Scout thought he was one of the best players he saw all last season.

Robinson is a kid that Nick Holt saw at camp on the USC campus. He wasn't exactly Trojan material since his only offer previous to Washington was Nevada. Holt obviously saw something he liked other than signability.

Talia Crichton's film looked very good and it is obvious why Sark went after this kid almost immediately. He has a lot of potential at DE.

JC DT Johnny Tivao is the definition of a big ugly at 5'11 320 or so pounds depending on who you trust for measurements. He has some work to do to qualify.

DL UW missed on: Branden Warner (UCLA), Deandre Coleman (California), Will Sutton (ASU), Geoff Meinken (Stanford), Michael Clay (Oregon) Myles Wade (Texas Tech) Ryan Davis (California)

Linebacker (C) - Tim Tucker has the potential to be a good a very good LB. You can see from his film that he moves well and likes to hit. He is what we like to call a thumper.

LB UW missed on: Boseko Lokombo (Oregon), LT Filiaga (BYU), Taniela Maka (UCLA), Te'o Mantei (USC), Simione Vehikite (USC)

Cornerback (A) - UW picked up two JC's in Dominique Gaisie and David Batts who have the potential to start next season. Desmond Trufant from Tacoma and Anthony Gobern who grey shirted round out the class.

Gaisie played under UW DB coach Demetrice Martin at Mount San Antonio JC. His JC coaches feel he can be a shut down corner at the next level. If Gaisie can do that the other side could be in the hands of David Batts who is a higher rated prospect than Gaisie. the consensus is Washington just found two starting CB's.

WSU wasn't happy to lose legacy Desmond Trufant to Washington. The brother of Marcus Trufant will likely redshirt.

Anthony Gobern had shoulder surgery early in camp last year so he pulled out of school till January to preserve a year of eligibility.

CB's UW missed on: Brandon Sermons (UCLA)

Safety (B) - Will Shaumburger was a late riser like Keith Price who everyone had an eye on. Most feel he is a real solid addition. Nate Fellner from Fresno who was one of the best safety prospects in California rounds out the class.

Shaumburger came on strong his senior season. Strong enough that some West coast recruiting scouts feel that he may have as much upside as any safety on the board. Most feel UW got a steal on this kid after plucking him from Boise State.

Fellner is the nephew of Bo Cornell and the grandson of Jim Sweeney.

Safety's UW missed on: Kevin Brent (Oklahoma), Alex Logan (California), Stanjarivus McKay (UCLA), Jamal Atofau (WSU), Aulola Tonga (Hawaii)

Special Teams (A) - Will Mahan who is rated as one of the top JC punters in the nation will fill a big hole on special teams.