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LOI Day Thread

Back in the old days this was your guide to recruiting success on the West Coast. It isn't the exact Bible it used to be but it gives you a good idea of where the Best in the West are going.

QB Keith Price is the only Husky on the list. Molly Yanity has a blurb on him from his coach in her blog today.

"That's when we discovered it. There was a play on which Keith scrambled. He just took off running . A cornerback tried to take out his legs and he sprawled out -- and I mean about six feet in the air. There are all these games left in the season and he is playing like a warrior, sacrificing his body, trying to get the first down. I just think that is the way he played and the way he is. That's a competitor for you and it gives you a real sense of who he is as a player and as a person."

Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times talked "JC Kevin" Lustgarten about the Huskies JC recruits and he thinks they could have the same type of impact that Teford got from his first class at California.

"We'll see how many get into school. Honestly, there aren't any duds. (Cornerback Dominique) Gaisie might be biggest question mark. He arrives with the fewest 'accolades.' But he's versatile. He could be a boost to the return game as well as the potential to play at CB. Mt SAC is a good program playing in the best conference (in Southern California). Kids from that program tend to fare well later.''

"Today we’re going to look at Washington and see how some of its recent recruiting classes have panned out. We’re reviewing the 2002-2005 classes, because all are at least four years into college (for example, high schoolers who signed in 2005 would have been a senior or redshirt junior this past season).

Nick Dashel who used to write for the Columbian in Vancouver offer this take of four Washington recruiting classes doomed the program to the pits of the BCS.

Reviewing Washington is a bit problematic, because three coaches (Rick Neuheisel, Keith Gilbertson, Tyrone Willingham) were involved in recruiting these four classes. Nonetheless, recruiting services were way, way too kind in rating the Husky classes.

Molly Yanity of the Seattle PI supplies these coaches comments on S Nathan Feller and his ability to play right away.

"He is six feet tall about 205 and can run. Seriously, he's a mid 4.5 guy. But what you really like is he's a big hitter, causes lots of fumbles. He led us in tackles in playoffs and played mostly defense during the year. He's just an outstanding player, who can run and hit," coach Gary Kinne said.

Here is some buzz kill from the Seattle Times Bob Condotta who is playing master of the obvious in this article. I disagree with Bob and his experts on this one. If all the JC's get in the teams performance will get a big boost nest season.

With little else to get excited about the past year, Washington Huskies fans will awake anxious today for any and all news concerning the beginning of the letter-of-intent signing period.

But on paper, anyway, this will be regarded as yet another defeat for the Huskies.

Despite what recruiting analysts say was an aggressive and hardworking effort by new coach Steve Sarkisian and his staff — one that resulted in a couple of secondary rules violations along the way — Washington's 17- to 19-player class is receiving low ratings.

David Batts a Husky?

There are two internet reports from last night saying that El Camino CC CB David Batts has committed to UW after previously committing to Kansas State. If so, he would give UW seven JC recruits out of 18 known commits, two at cornerback.

Molly Yanity of the Seattle PI had the chance to talk to Steve Sarkisian yesterday afternoon.

"It's important that three or four years from now there isn't, 'Oh, that was our first class, that's why there's a void there,' " Sarkisian said Tuesday.

"You don't want to have that void where here comes that senior class and you don't have great leadership, or good character kids. You want to have a balanced football team, and you can't have a voided year in there."

Letter of Intent Faxes Received

TE Dorson Boyce is already on campus and enrolled in school.

S Nate Fellner, DE Talia Chrichton, and WR James Johnson were the first three players to send in ther LOI's this morning according to Dawgman.

There are great recruiting resources all over the Web, including Huskies' specific sites like the official UW athletics site, which will list the signed letters of intent as they come in. will have complete coverage in the chat room all day.

QB Keith Price, TE Marlion Barnett, DE Andrew Pulu, DT Johnny Tivao and S William Shaumburger have now sent in their LOI's.

OL Daniel Mafoe and P Will Mahan have faxed in their LOI's to Washington.

LB Tim Tucker and DL Chris Robinson have faxed in ther LOI's to Washington.

CB David Batts has faxed in his LOI. This was a big pickup for Washington.

CB Desmond Trufant LOI has been received by UW.

DT Semisi Tokolahi has faxed his LOI to Washington.

CB Dominique Gaisie has faxed in his LOI to Washington.

TE Kimo Makaula has faxed in his LOI to Washington and that should finish out the recruiting class for 2009.


Chris Fetters and Scott Eklund from are on KJR right now with the Honks.

Head Coach Steve Sarkisian will meet with reporters at 1 p.m. to discuss the class, the recruits and more. The press conference will be broadcast live at