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Twenty Four Hours

We are 24 hours away from signing day and it looks like Washington has firmed up most of its class. The Huskies currently have 17 players who have verballed and that number will rise to as many as twenty on Wednesday morning.

Three things you need to do to enjoy signing day:

Go Huskies - Steve Sarkisian's 1 p.m. press conference will be available free on, as will three signing day shows hosted by Bob Rondeau and former Husky QB Johnny DuRocher.

Dawgman - Scott Eklund, Kim Grinolds, and Chris Fetters will be in the chat room starting at 6:00 AM and will be there for the entire day to celebrate the Signing Festivus.

KJR AM - Softy and the gang will be getting comments from the coaches and interviewing some of the new players. Expect them to be there for the press conference too.

Current Commitments

  • DT Daniel Mafoe JC (3)
  • DE Ryan Davis JC (3)
  • DT Johnny Tivao JC (3)
  • P   William Mahan JC (3)
  • LB Tim Tucker (2)
  • CB Dominique Gaisie JC (2)
  • DT Semis Tokolahi (2)
  • TE Kimo Makaula (3)
  • SS Will Shamburger (2)
  • SS Nathan Fellner (3)
  • CB Desmond Trufant (3)
  • TE Dorson Boyce JC (2)
  • DT Chris Robinson (2)
  • DE Talia Chrichton (2)
  • QB Keith Price (3)
  • TE Marlion Barnett (3)
  • DE Andru Pulu (3)


  • CB David Batts (JC)
  • CB Brandon Sermons
  • WR James Johnson
  • DT Myles Wade (JC)
  • DT Branden Warner (JC)
  • SS Josh Moten
  • OL Eddie Williams