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All Time Husky Football Team - ILB

At outside linebacker you guys ended up picking Jeremiah Pharms, Donald Jones, Mark Stewart, Martin Harrison, Richie Chambers, and Antowaine Richardson.

I voted for Antowaine Richardson, Mark Stewart, Martin Harrison and Tony Caldwell.

I think Jeremiah Pharms one because of stories about how he used to piss his pants to intimidate opposing players. A very unusual technique but enough to get a player in my top six.

Who are the Best Interior Linebackers in Washington History?

Plenty to choose from including Tim Meamber, Michael Jackson, Rick Redman, Chuck Allen, George Juggam, Lester Towns, Bruce Harrell and Chico Fraley, Jaime Fields.

How can you just pick four?

Pick your favorite four. Polls close in 24 hours!