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About last night

Last night was pretty special and the game from start to finish really had an NCAA tournament game quality and atmosphere to it. I was actually exhausted after the game because I really put a lot of emotional energy into watching and blogging it.

If you are a Seattle sports fan you have to be starved for that type of action and it will repeat itself on Saturday when we face Arizona and next week when we conclude the conference season against WSU.

After that we have the Pac 10 tournament which serves UW as more of a warmup for the NCAA tournament because right now all we have to wonder about is where the Huskies will end up being seeded. Seeding of course is still crucial because it plays a major part in determining how deep the team will go in the tournament.

One team to keep a sharp eye on right now is WSU. Tony Bennett has the Cougars playing their best ball right now and with their backs against the wall they need to win out to have any consideration for the tournament. Even if they do that it may take a Pac 10 tournament win to get them in the field of 64 plus 2 again.

Beating Arizona on Saturday is going to be no small matter either. If you remember last time these two teams played Arizona matched up very well with Washington using their big three. Home court is a huge advantage for Washington but the Wildcats also have their back to the wall now so expect a maximum effort from Arizona on Saturday.

If your a fan sit back and enjoy the moment because as you know following sports in the Seattle area lately hasn't been a rewarding experience. UW being in a position to win their first outright league basketball championship since 1953 is a special moment. Enjoy it because if it took 55 years to get to this place we may not be alive next time it happens.