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UW vs ASU Game thread

I usually don't do game threads for basketball due to the fact that my wife hates it when I type during the games and don't enjoy the experience with her.

Since this is a big one and on late Kate has granted me the permission tonight to run the thread and type as much as I want since she has to get up early and won't be watching the game.

Now that we have the social manners of the evening down lets talk about tonights games.

Bob Condotta of the Times found a neat Chat apparatus to add to his blog and here is the link to it. He did a little chat tonight before the game. Check it out and if you guys like the format let me know and maybe we can do that in the near future since we have plenty of important basketball left this season.

Bob really does an excellent job covering football and basketball. You may not realize this but he doesn't get paid extra for blogging. I imagine it takes time away from his family so we should all be appreciative of the time he puts in covering the Huskies.

As for whats going on at the game Coach Sark bought pizza tonight for the entire Dawg Pack while they were waiting outside to enter Hec Ed.

The Dawgs always bark louder after you feed them. Let's tear the Sun Devils apart! GO DAWGS!

WSU is leading Arizona 63-50 2:28 left in the game. Looks like the Coug's are pretty serious about winning out to try to get into a third straight big dance.

It is now final and the Cougars have beaten the Wildcats 69-53. It is just another example of how hard it is to win on the road in this league.

Hec Edmundson is just rocking tonight. I don't know what Sark put in the pizza but I don't think I have ever heard it this loud. Obviously the fans have their game faces on tonight.

The game starts off very up tempo and Thomas hits an early three which should be great for his confidence. UW and ASU are playing pretty physical in the early going and the ref's look like they are going to let them play.

Brockman has picked a couple of quick fouls early. It could be MBA time.

One good sign is Washington is penetrating very well tonight. UW is off to an early 7-4 lead with 15 minutes left in the first half.

Washington goes on an 8-0 run in only 56 seconds and takes a 15-7 lead. The Huskies defense is smothering the Sun Devils tonight.

Pondexter is leading the Huskies with six points so far.

19-8 Washington with 12:40 left in the first half. The intensity on defense is just incredible tonight. MBA comes in and scores 4 off the bench!

UW cools off a bit with 7:44 left but still holds an eight point lead. The guards need to keep getting it inside to the big men like they did earlier rather than hogging the shots.

30-23 UW as Brockman sits down four minutes left. I don't think Romar wants to risk him getting a third foul.

Quincy Pondexter with a thundering tomahawk jam!

UW is finally heading to the free throw line as ASU goes over the allowable limit with under four minutes left.

James Harden is very impressive tonight. His game is NBA ready.

35-34 Washington lead at the half as Washington became cold over the last four minutes of the first half.

James Harden is single handedly keeping ASU in this game scoring 15 points in the first half. Harden scored 9 of ASU's last 11 points. Jeff Pendergraph added 13 points.

UW is led by Brockman with 11. UW needs to start feeding Brockman and Pondexter in the second half.

Second Half

Washington comes out and stretches the lead to six to start the first half. You can tell that Romar stressed getting ball inside at halftime. the Huskies aren't shooting well from the outside tonight so going inside to your bigs is the way to go. 42-36 Washington. Brockman is 5 for 5 from the line tonight.

Brockman records another double double early in the second half. Overton is in the game now as Thomas gets a sit. Good move by Romar because we need to feed the bigs.

48-40 UW with 12:33 left in the game.

Huskies lead 50-47 with 9:44 left in the game and Brockman taking a rest on the bench. A couple of turnovers resulted in some easy shots in transition. MBA is getting beat up by Pendergraph so expect Brockman to return to nip that in the bud. 5-0 run for ASU.

Dentmon is cold cold cold tonight.

Foul number four on James Harden and that is huge. Expect him to sit on the bench for awhile.

Foul number four on Pendergraph so ASU is in big trouble with 8:45 left.

UW is now in the bonus for the rest of the game.

Pendergraph has 20 points tonight and is still in the game with four fouls. If the Huskies can draw number five this game is over. Even if they don't draw it he will play a lot more tentative with four.

7:57 left with UW leading 52-47. Harden is back in the game.

Brockman picks up his third foul.

6:33 left and ASU has rallied. 52-51 Washington. Way too many turnovers right now for Washington.

Pendergraph now has 24 and the Sun Devils have their first lead since 2-0 ant 53-52. UW needs to settle down with 5:42 left.

UW turns the ball over again trying to get the ball into Brockman. UW needs to go at Harden and Pendergraph and they aren't getting th job done. ASU up by four 56-52.

3:25 left and Brockman hits inside. 56-54 ASU. All UW has to do is feed Brockman the rest of the night because Pendergraph isn't going to stop him with four fouls. Same thing with Pondexter going against Harden.

Big three from the outside by ASU 59-54.

Pondexter picks up a Thomas miss from the outside and puts it back in and is fouled. ASU 59 - 56 with 2:50 left as Pondexter misses the free throw.

Dentmon finally hits a three and it is tied at 59-59 with under two minutes left in the game. UW needs to keep taking it inside.

Dentmon converts as he penetrates inside and UW takes a 61-59 lead with 45 seconds left.

UW on a 7-0 run with Dentmon scoring five of them.

Harden misses inside and UW turns it over on a steal by Harden who ties the game.

Harden steals it from Dentmon on the final possession but time runs out and we are headed to OT.


Brockman scores the first four as Pendergraph is helpless to stop him.

Brockman picks up his fourth and Harden scores but misses the foul shot.

Dentmon fouled as he drives to the hoop and draws number five on Harden with 2:46 left. 67-63 UW as Dentmon hits both.

ASU is trying to isolate Pendergraph on Brockman.

1:34 left in the game and Dentmon is going to the line for two. He hits one and UW leads 68-63. Jamelle McMillian scores on a rebound and ASU is still in this one down by three at 68-65 with 1:18 left.

UW is 20-25 from the line tonight.

Dentmon misses and ASU has a chance to tie.

ASU scores inside and with 26 seconds left it is a one point game with the Huskies having what could be the final possession.

All UW has to do to win is not turn it over and let ASU foul.

ASU fouls right away and Dentmon hits both and UW takes a three point lead.

Pendergraph is out with five!

14.1 seconds left and Overton hits two and this one should be over. 72-67 UW with 15 ticks left.

9.5 seconds left and Glasser hits a three. Dentmon is fouled on the inbounds pass and goes to the line and hits one but ASU doesn't have enough time left to convert on the opportunity.

Washington wins a big one!

Just a fantastic games on both sides of the ball tonight.