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Coug Center

The guys over at Coug Center throw in their two cents why the state or actually King County shouldn't help fund the renovation of Husky Stadium.

I'm against the University of Washington's proposal to use $150 million in taxpayer money for the renovation of Husky Stadium.

And it has nothing to do with me being a WSU fan.

It does, however, have everything to do with being a taxpayer.

It is, in a word, absurd, to think that in this economic climate the state of Washington or King County would be interested in a project like Husky Stadium renovation. Yet fans of UW are forging ahead with e-mails and requests to extend an existing King County tax to be used for the most expensive collegiate stadium renovation in history.

I urge all of you to pop over to Coug Center and join the debate.

What exactly is stimulus?

It is the act of funding projects that are shovel ready which can have a positive impact on local economies. Projects like 520, the Viaduct, Sound Transit, Husky Stadium, Key Arena, and the Convention Center are great for the local economy.

The money for the project would come from a fund raised in King County and specifically designated for sports stadiums. The money comes from a hotel and restaurant tax that has been used to help retire bonds on Safeco and Qwest Field. Husky Stadium is in King County and like Key Arena should be able to use those funds since they have served their purpose ahead of time for both Safeco and Qwest.

Construction jobs are a huge part of the local economy and projects to remodel Husky Stadium, Key Arena, and the Convention Center provide a lot of stimulus to the local economy because they provide jobs…lots of high paying jobs. I realize Cougar grads aren’t thrilled about high skilled jobs because they don’t qualify for them, but there will expanded concessions at all these venues so you will be able to continue to ask the populace if they would like to have fries with that shake.

The WSU athletic department has lived on tax payer subsidies for over 100 years while the UW athletic department has always been self supporting. Perhaps we should change the argument to why the state should continue to fund Cougar athletics?

By the way who do you think funded that sports arena on campus? If it wasnt for Washington taxpayers you would still be playing in Bohler Gym.

Another thing Cougar fans don’t realize or just ignore is that whatever is good for the UW is usually good for WSU. We are all in this together. I guess that is why WSU administration has never spoken out against the project.

Some Coug fans on the other hand don’t get it and never will.