We must focus our efforts on these legislators



Who recommends if Husky Stadium will receive support from Public Funding for Preservation, Renovation and Serious Maintenance Needs?

The King County Projects Financing Task Force, made up of:

  • Ross Hunter, Representative (District 48)
  • Tracey Eide, Senator (District 30)
  • Sharon Tomiko-Santos, Representative (District 37)
  • Ed Murray, Senator (District 43)
  • Joe Zarelli, Senator (District 18)
  • Glenn Anderson, Representative (District 5)
  • Marty Brown, the Governor’s Office

This Joint Task Force will focus on local financing options for affordable housing, arts, cultural, education, civic center, and restoration, preservation and community development projects within King County. 

They will review only existing King County-specific revenue options to fund the options listed above. 
These funding options must include, but are not limited to admissions, car rentals, hotel/motel, restaurants, and other sources currently used to pay for the construction, financing and mitigation of Safeco and Quest Fields and financing of the Kingdome debt.

For Husky Stadium to be considered for any Public Funding, this Task Force must recommend the Project to the appropriate Legislative Committee by December 1, 2008.

The decision to use Public money will be made in the 2009 Legislative Session.

The Task Force Study Group expires April 30, 2009.