Husky Stadium Renovation Update, we need to keep emailing!

It’s time to act!

 Dawgfans: I contacted John Buller and he informed me that the decision on Husky Stadium was linked to the federal stimulus package. Since that is just about to be approved by President Obama, the decision should start to make progress in the state legislature. We are hoping that the decision is made to defer to King County and the King County Council. We need every DAWGS help in relentlessly emailing the King County Council every week until a decision is made. Below are some quick copy and paste reasons why we need to get this important decision approved. Is there any stadium in the Northwest with as storied a history as Husky Stadium? Not even close it really is a Northwest Icon with no peers! GO DAWGS!!  
Tell The Husky

Metropolitan King County
Council Districts
District Representatives

Bob Ferguson-
District 1

Larry Gossett-
District 2

Kathy Lambert-
District 3

Larry Phillips-
District 4

Julia Patterson-
District 5

Jane Hague-
District 6

Pete von Reichbauer- District 7

Dow Constantine-
District 8

Reagan Dunn-
District 9

Continue to contact your elected officials!
John Buller

Tell The HuskyThe battle to get Husky Stadium fixed is now up to us!!

We need to continue to win polls, surveys, blogs, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, the minds of our elected officials.

We  must keep contacting our elected officials.

BE RELENTLESS! Use your voice and your e-mail and encourage your Husky friends to do the same.

Some facts:

  • The stadium is old and needs to be fixed.
  • Construction can start in December 2009 and will create 800 living wage jobs and 2,000 other jobs in this budget period.
  • The taxes are King County Only taxes, which are currently being used to pay for pro-stadiums, arts group causes, playfields and other things until 2013 and 2021.
  • These taxes cannot be used for any other purpose and cannot be used to help with the budget deficit.
  • Husky Athletic Facilities are used by over 250,000 people per year for non-athletic events [over 40,000 per year attend graduation and over 22,000 visiting fans traveled from outside our state to watch a football game this year.]
  • Cougar athletics organizations receive over $4.4 million from their upper campus every year -- we are self-funded.

We need to win polls, surveys, bogs, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, the minds of our elected officials.

Thanks for your support!

Save Husky Stadium: CLICK HERE to Contact Your Representative

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