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Hart to Notre Dame

Randy Hart has accepted a job to become the defensive line coach at Notre Dame. Hart is regarded as one of the very best defensive line coaches in the country and being tapped to join the Notre Dame staff is proof of the respect he has around the country.

Five members of last years Husky staff have found jobs for 2009.

  • Randy Hart - Notre Dame
  • Brian White - Florida
  • Tim Lappano - Detroit Lions
  • Ed Donatell - Denver Broncos
  • Charlie Baggett - St Louis Rams

Five members of last years staff are still looking for positions. Expect Mike Denbrock and DJ Williams to end up somewhere by the time spring practice starts. Steve Gervais could go back into the HS coaching ranls but the word is he wants to remain a college coach if possible. Tormey is pretty deeply rooted in Seattle so it is hard to figure where he will land. Ty Willingham bought a house in the Bay Area so chances are good he ends up with the 49ers if he wants to coach in 2009. He has a lot of friends in that organization.