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Dan Cozzetto?

Rumors are swirling around that ASU TE coach Dan Cozzetto is about to become the OL coach at Washington. Cozzetto has coached at Washington before and left with less than glowing reviews after his tenure. Nobody doubts his ability to coach but his personality didn't go over well with the kids he coached or the people he worked with.

I have heard a lot of good about him from friends in the Snohomish community. He just happens to be from Snohomish and there are a lot of people up there who think highly of him. They were surprised the kids at Washington hated him when he was coaching up here under Gilbertson. I am not using the word hate lightly either...they wanted him dead.

We all agree we need a kick butt guy to take over the OL and Cozzetto is the definition of kick butt and get in your face. I think under the right leadership such as Dennis Erickson he can do well. The question I have is if a rookie head coach can handle a guy like Cozzetto. Somebody needs to be able to turn the switch on and off with this guy so he doesn't cross the line when it comes to being abusive.

You want a tougher offensive line as soon as possible?

You want some extra room in next years recruiting class?

Cozzetto just may be the right guy for the job if managed correctly.