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Grading the game

Quarterback - Grade A

If this was Jake's last game as a husky he saved the best for last. He was cirtually perfect all day when either running or throwing.

Running Back - Grade A

Chris Polk picked up 94 tough yards on the ground and Cal's early emphasis on shutting the UW running game down opened up the airways for Jake who took full advantage.

Receivers - Grade A

What more can you say about Kearse and Aguilar who controlled the game all night with big plays. How about Cody Bruns and his long pass? Kavario Middleton had his best game of the year too.

Offensive Line - Grade A

So this is what Jake can do when he has plenty of time? Keep an eye on Mykena Ikehara next season...he will be anchoring the line as long as he keeps his weight on in 2010.

Defensive Line - Grade A

Pressure was the name of the game yesterday and DTN went out as the all time sack leader at Washington with three in his last game. Five sacks overall by Washington kept Riley on his heals most of the day.

Linebacker - Grade A

We are all going to miss Donald Butler who went out in style. Foster and Dennison were also solid all day. Cal had one big running play all day. UW shut the run down which is the way you humble the Bears. I like what Dennison brings on a weeky basis.

Secondary - Grade A

You have to wonder how many more games this team would hav won with a healthy Jason Wells back there. Trufant and Long continue to improve every game.

Special Teams - Grade A minus

Nothing really special and nothing terrible either. Keeping Cal's return game in check was one of the keys of the game.

Coaching - A

Washington dominated from the the first to the last snap in the final game of the season. this team could have packed it in after the UCLA game and it looked like that was happening after OSU. give the coaches credit for keeping these guys motivated enough the last two weeks to finish the season strong.

5-7 is a win or two off from what we all really wanted but a five win improvement led by four conference wins is pretty impressive. If you are a top flight recruit it doesn't take much to buy into what is going on at Washington.