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Tiger Woods and Steve Kelley - Off Topic

Whenever Steve Kelley of the Seattle Times writes about anything other than the NBA which doesn't exist anymore in Seattle you have to shake your head. A couple of recent columns come to mind for me.

Seahawks' Tim Ruskell couldn't live up to Paul Allen's exacting standards?

Since when has Paul Allen ever had exacting standards? All he has ever had is more money than most people on the planet since he retired early from Microsoft years ago. Kudo's to Paul for his part in the Microsoft legacy but what has he really done that anyone couldn't have done since then with one of the largest fortunes in the history of mankind?

I have nothing against Paul Allen but saying he has exacting standards is like saying Tiger Woods can keep his putter in his pants...which leads us to the next entry.

Tiger Woods doesn't owe anyone an explanation?

I wonder if Fuzzy Zoeller is having a nice chuckle this week. Fuzzy was the good old boy who didn't think before he spoke off the record about chicken dinners at the Masters after Tiger first won there. No excuse for the comment but the thing I always felt funny about is the way Tiger left him twisting in the wind in the hangman's noose when everyone knew he had simply mispoke and made a real bad joke at the wrong time.

So now we owe Tiger Woods the type of personal consideration he never allowed Fuzzy Zoeller?

Fuzzy was dead wrong but did he deserve to be crucified?

How much slack did Fuzzy get as he crawled on his knee's trying to make things right without a single utterance from Tiger which might have made his life at the time a little more bearable?

Being left out there to hang under public scrutiny is never a pleasant place to be but when you lead a public life and you make a personal/public mistake or mistakes in 2009 you are going to pay for it in the public eye.

Tiger deserves the same amount of slack he and the public gave Fuzzy Zoeller.

Bad behavior is simply bad behavior.

What goes around comes around.