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Picking the Pac - Final Edition

It is hard to believe we have finally reached the end of the regular season but here we are once again.

Oregon State at Oregon

This one is for all the marbles and if you live in state of Oregon. This may just be a once in a lifetime opportunity if you are a resident of the state or a fan of one of the schools. I like the Beavers and will be cheering them on but the Ducks are going to be really tough to beat at home in this one.

I think this game will go down to the wire and my wife won't like the fact that I want to be near a TV rather than hanging by the pool in Maui.

Oregon by 7

Arizona at USC

The Wildcats had a bit of a hangover after Oregon and almost blew it against the Devils. I think USC has the right mindset right now while Arizona is still wondering about what could have been. USC isn't a great team but I think they want it more than Arizona does.

USC by 7

California at Washington

What was more impressive a 30-0 win over Washington State or California's win over Stanford? The answer to that question is the team that will likely win this football game on Saturday.

To me Cal seems like a team on a mission that is peaking while Washington fulfilled whatever mission they had last week against Washington State. The lay down against Oregon State still worries me along with the slow start the Huskies had against the Cougars. I just don't know how much gas this squad has left in the tank.

One thing we do know is that Cal would rather be any place other than Seattle in December. The Bears really don't have anything to prove and and playing in 40 degree weather is never a good thing for a team from the South. Honestly Washington's best chance in this game is Cal simply not wanting to be here. Problem is this Washington team may just feel the same way.

California by 10