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First 1/3 Grades: Guards

Abdul Gaddy

Per Game stats: 4.1 PPG, 2.3 APG, 1.5 TOPG, .4 SPG

Tempo free stats: 86.8 ORating, 32.4 eFG%, 19.8 ARate, 25 TORate

The Good: Abdul is second on the team in ARate, trailing only Venoy Overton. He's 10/12 from the free throw line, and if you subtract three point attempts, he's not shooting the ball as poorly as it seems.

The Bad: He's committing too many turnovers, and not being as aggressive as the team needs him to be. He doesn't have to score a lot of points, just make defenses respect him, which he hasn't done yet. He's just 1/11 from 3 point range. Abdul is also fouling too frequently, which sometimes gets him out of rhythm because he can't stay in the game.

The Grade: D+

He came in with a lot of expectations and simply hasn't lived up to them yet. He's learning the hardest position to play, but to this point he's been a bit of a disappointment. Keep in mind though: he's still 17. He's still a freshman. His play will improve as the season goes along.


Venoy Overton

Per Game stats: 7.5 PPG, 3.4 APG, 2.7 TOPG, 1.9 SPG

Tempo free stats: 94.4 ORating, 46.2 eFG%, 23.5 ARate, 31.2 TORate, 4.3 Stl%

The Good: The defense is still there. His 4.3 Stl% would be a career high, and had a memorable block against Montana which sealed the victory. His 3 point shooting seems much improved: he's at 5/13 for 38.5% (admit it, you were surprised by that number). Speeds up the game on both ends of the floor which enables the Huskies to play the style of hoops they like.

The Bad: Way too many turnovers. You would expect his numbers in that category to have dropped, by they've stayed constant for all three of his years on campus. If you exclude the Texas A&M game, he's shooting just 15/23 from the free throw line for 65%, which has to improve for him to close out games.

The Grade: B-

Having a solid season so far, but couldn't take advantage of being given a starting spot and moved back to the bench. For him to be at his most effective he needs to take better care of the ball.


Scott Suggs

Per Game stats: 4.8 PPG, .5 TOPG, 40% 3FG

Tempo free stats: 120.6 ORating, 54.5 eFG%, 15.7 TORate

The Good: Suggs was given a chance to crack the rotation and took advantage. He may be the team's best shooter, and is proving to be someone who opponents have to locate on the floor at all times. His Offensive Rating is second only to Quincy Pondexter's. His length on defense shortens passing lanes, and while he doesn't get a ton of steals the effect is there nonetheless.

The Bad: Needs to be more consistent attacking the basket to complement his deep jumper, as he's shooting almost the exact same percentage from the field as he is from 3. Sometimes seems a little too content to hang around the perimeter and wait for the ball.

The Grade: B+

Suggs has been one of the season's biggest surprises. Coming into the year it wasn't clear he had much of a role on the team, but he's shown he can bring a lot to the table. If his progress continues he has a shot to be a really special player.


Isaiah Thomas

Per Game stats: 17.5 PPG, 3.9 RPG, 2.9 APG, 2.7 TOPG, 35% 3FG

Tempo free stats: 111 ORating, 47.4 eFG%, 16.7 ARate, 18.5 TORate

The Good: Thomas has improved his game in just about every way between last season and this one. Teams now have to respect his 3 point shooting and he's knocking down 78% of his free throws (68% last year). He's showing that he has the ability to be a distributor as well, though that has been inconsistent. When he both scores and distributes, he's as good a player as there is in the nation.

The Bad: His shooting has been very hit or miss. Too many dry spells throughout the course of the season which, if not for Quincy Pondexter's play, may have cost the Huskies a game or two. When he's not getting to the free throw line it's impossible to know what kind of game he's going to have. Needs to find a comfortable medium between scorer and distributor.

The Grade: B

Been good so far, but still room for improvement. For the team to be more successful than it was last year he's the key, as he doesn't have a Justin Dentmon to differ to this season.


Elston Turner Jr.

Per Game stats: 5.1 PPG, .3 TOPG, 27.3 3FG%

Tempo free stats: 109.1 ORating, 45.5 eFG%, 6.1 TORate

The Good: Has had a couple very good games (Montana, Texas Tech), and was promoted to a starting spot at one point. Takes care of the ball as well as anybody on the team, and Coach Romar praises his defense.

The Bad: Hasn't gotten his shot on track like it was last season, which has opened the door for Scott Suggs. Free throw shooting has been putrid, 5/14 for 35.7%, including two misses at the end of regulation against Texas Tech, either one of which would have won the game.

The Grade: C-

Hasn't improved enough from last year, though it's most likely just a matter of him getting his shot to start falling. The missed free throws are a bit disheartening for a guard who's got as good a touch as Turner. Don't be surprised if Turner gets hot during conference play and his numbers level out a bit.


C.J. Wilcox