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Recruiting Review

It's time to review the seventh best recruiting class in the country currently according to Scout. There are still some holes to fill and Washington may sign up to six more players to fill out the class between now and LOI day. UW's next big recruiting weekend is in January so I don't expect anymore commits till then but you never know with this staff. If one of the remaining big names wants to head this way there is still room.

Quarterback (1)

Nick Montana

Does anyone even remember Jake Heaps? They might when he starts breaking passing records at BYU over the next 4-5 years. Nick Montana on the other hand has the potential to be just as good or better over time. Nick is still growin and will need a year in the weight room to get ready for the rigors of the Pac 10. All the tools however are there including the most important one's which are his brain and attitude.

Running Back (4)

Melvin Davis

Deontae Cooper

Jessie Callier

Zach Fogerson

Cooper and Callier are two of the best looking running backs in California and Davis if he qualifies is the big back Washington has been looking for most of this decade. Fogerson is rated the #4 FB in the country and will likely spend a year learning the ropes since their are two guys ahead of him in the depth.

Callier's film was very exciting to watch on both sides of the ball. The kid is a baller and his best spot could be at CB even though the coaches will look at him this spring at RB. Cooper is a thoroughbred in every way. He just might be the best HS back in the West this year. Playing in a less than competitive league though made it hard to figure out just how dominating he could be against better competition. In the end he had the endorsement of Pete Carroll who laments not being on him sooner. The word is Davis is the best running back you have never heard of. We hope he gets his grades together and doesn't have to go the JC route.

UW is problably done for now at the position but they could surprise and take one more athlete since it is uncertain if Davis will qualify. You also have to factor in that maybe they like Callier more as a DB than a RB.

Receiver (3)

DiAndre Campbell

Keanon Lowe

Kevin Smith

 Keanon Lowe was a human highlight reel at Jesuit HS in Portland. I think he looks best as a CB but the coaches are going to start him off at WR which is just fine based on the film I have seen. Make no doubt about this kid can make an impact on either side of the ball and is ticketed for early playing time. Kevin smith is a raw talent who would make a fine safety or WR. From the film I saw I loved how he looked at Safety. He is a real physical kid which is surprising since he doesn't have a lot of football experience. He exploded up to four start status because once you see this kid on the field you just know that he is a man among boys. Campbell gets very high marks for his work ethic. The coaches likes his size and attitude. He won't play right away but he has the potential to make an impact down the line.

Tight End (1)

Michael Hartvigson

I just love the type of potential this kid has. He is very athletic and he blocks well. He has a basketball background that blesses him with a set of good hands. I could also see him lining up over at DE too if the coaches feel he is needed more over on the defensive side of the ball.

Offensive Line (5)

Micah Hatchie

Erik Kohler

Colin Porter

Ben Riva

Colin Tanigawa

This is a very impressive offensive line class. Porter, Hatchie, and Kohler have the potential to be all conference types down the line and could play early if needed. Riva and Tanigawa are both solid but for sure need a year of seasoning and training before they are ready to contribute.

I could see UW taking one more player here to round out the class and that player could be Michael Criste who already verbaled but isn't actually listed yet as an official commit. Not sure what is going on there since the coaches can't comment. I do think he has a good chance of getting in once the class is sorted out.

We thought UW would take a JC recruit too but no word on that lately.

Defensive Tackle (2)

Sione Potoae

Lawrence Lagufuina

Sione is such an important recruit. Everyone in the nation wanted this kid and it is great to keep a talent like him at home. Chances are he is going to play right away even though I would like to see him RS his first year. IF you watch his film you really have to be impressed with the way this kid moves. Another thing I like is he is built like a freaking Centaur. That natural lower body is all NFL in my opinion.

Lagfuiana is a big time recruit in his own right. Like a lot of kids from Hawaii you may have not heard a lot about him but he has all the tools needed to be a big cog in the UW defense for years to come.

The Huskies will most likely take one more DL before it is all over and three that come to mind are Kerifi Taula, Sani Fuimaono, and Sealli Epenasa. Taula is probably the top target and will visit this coming January.

Defensive End (2)

Andrew Hudson

Brent Williams

I really like both of these kids. Hudson is going to be a pretty good player and has a real good shot at playing next season because of need on that side of the ball. Every scout who watched him this season came away impressed. He was a must have in a shallow year for DE candidates on the West coast.

Williams has an incredible motor but he needs to put on some weight before he is much of a factor in the Pac 10. The coaches obviously like the way his body will potentially fill out. He was dominating as a pass rusher in pre -season camps. If he never gains the size he would make a pretty good LB too. It will be interesting to see how he develops under Coach Ivan.

Washington will likely take one more player here if the right type of kid is still available. The number one target is Josh Shirley who could potentially compete for a starting job in his first year. UW and UCLA are fighting it out over him. IF UW picks this kid up it will be a major coup. Another guy UW is looking at is Hauoli Jamora who was ticketed for BYU but has now opened up his recruitiment. Jamora has great film. He could be a real sackmaster type of player.

Linebacker (4)

Victor Burnett

Chris Young

Darius Waters

Princeton Fuimaono

Chris Young is going to be an absolute stud if he can qualify. If he isnt here by fall he won't go the JC route. The plan is for him to be qualified by January. In these days of online courses for credit a lot of mistakes can be made up with some due dilligence between now and August. As a player this kid is going to be very special and he reminds me of the guy he is ticketed to replace EJ Savannah. Young actually has the potential to be better.

The signing of Victor Burnett is a major coup. He has the talent to compete for playing time and a starting job in 2010. In a perfect world you would like to see him get the chance to ease into things and that may happen if EJ is blessed with a sixth year.

Princeton Fuimaono is a kid who has had a great senior season that has opened up some eyes up and down the West coast. UW wil have its hands full keeping him since his parents would prefer he stays closer to home. Despite that we haven't heard that he is wavering yet and UW's strong finish may have helped cement his commitment.

Waters is a good looking kid from Lakes who was recruited as an OLB but I think his eventual ticket will be at DE depending on how he develops during his first year at Washington.

The Huskies are still in on two of the better MLB recruits in the country. Hayes Pullard is a beast that could start four years at UW if he spurns UCLA and heads North. Hawaii's VJ Fehoko enjoyed his visit to UW and was ready to pull the trigger but his parents want him to take his visits. UW is his current favorite. His borther playes at Texas Tech and it will likely boil down to UW and the Red Raiders.

Garrett Gilliand is another name to keep in mind. He verbaled to Washington last month but the coaches have him on hold at this point while they wait for some bigger fish to make up their minds.

Corner Back (0)

The Huskies haven't signed a dedicated CB yet but Jessie Callier and Keanon Lowe could always fit the bill if needed at this position. Demetrious Wright is the player Washington craves but he is likely headed to USC but you just never know with this staff. Derron Smith and Gregory Ducre are a couple of names to keep an eye on. Count on UW to sign a CB in this class.

Safety (3)

Taz Stevenson

John Timu

Jamall Kearse

When watching film of Stevenson you have to love the fluid way this kids runs. He has good size and he can hit. I think he will need a year on the sidelines before he is ready to contribute which is fine because we have depth at the position.

It was a shame that John Timu blew out his knee. i think he will be a great fit at safety over time because he is a real smart kid that should pick up the defense well. He was a QB in HS and I could see him becoming the eventual QB of the UW defense.

Jamall Kearse is a legacy and one of the top recruits in state this year. Most of the experts feel he will start out at the safety position because he is more on the burly side than his older brother.

Kicker (1)

Alejandro Maldonado

I think Erik Folk did a great job at kicker this season. His leg is getting strnger but what UW really lacked was a kid who could kick it out of the stadium. Alejandro Maldonado is just the guy to kick the football out of the stadium. He has one one of the strongest legs in college football. I think Folk holds onto his job but yields to Maldonado for kickoffs next season.