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Pac-10 Basketball Power Rankings

1 (1). Washington 5-0

Last week: W vs Montana 63-59

UW didn't play well, but showed a lot of character to pull out the win vs a decent Montana team.

2 (3). Washington State 5-0

Last week: W @ UAA 87-68, W vs Nicholls State 78-69, W vs San Diego 93-56

Continue to win on the shoulders of Klay Thompson. Offense has been great thus far, but the defense is a concern.

3 (6). California 4-2

Last week: W vs Jacksonville 79-47, W vs Princeton 81-60

Bounced back from the poor showing at Madison Square Garden to win two games handily despite still playing without Theo Robertson and Harper Kamp.

4 (2). Arizona State 5-1

Last week: L @ Duke 64-53, W vs LSU 71-52

Hung tough with Duke, but just doesn't have the horses to put a team like that away, then crushed LSU, but they probably aren't a very good team even by SEC standards.

5 (7). Stanford 4-3

Last week: W vs Virginia 57-52, L vs Kentucky 73-65 (OT), W vs Portland State 83-64

The tree impressed a lot of people by beating Virginia and nearly toppling Kentucky. If you'd have told me that in the preseason I wouldn't have believed you. Landry Fields is making a run at Pac-10 POY and Johnny Dawkins is showing that he can coach a little bit.

6 (5). Oregon 4-2

Last week: L vs Montana 68-55, W vs Montana State 89-66

Their loss to Portland looks less bad after their run through the 76 Classic (beat UCLA and Minnesota), though the Montana loss is a blemish that isn't going anywhere.

7 (4). Arizona 3-2

Last week: L vs Wisconsin 65-61, W vs Colorado 91-87 (OT), L vs Vanderbilt 84-72

Zona played a couple tournament teams last week, and played them pretty tough. Unfortunately they couldn't beat either of them, and Wisconsin's probably only about the 6th best team in the Big-10.

8 (9). USC 2-2

Last week: W vs Coppin State 74-43, L vs Nebraska 51-48

Getting better as they get healthier. I'm not sure why Alex Stepheson, the team's best player, is coming off of the bench though.

9 (10). Oregon State 2-3

Last week: W vs George Washington 64-57

After their start, it's going to take more than one win to get them out of the bottom of the power rankings, especially when they controlled the entire game and nearly let George Washington come back and steal it.

10 (8). UCLA 2-4

Last week: W vs Pepperdine 71-52, L vs Portland 74-47, L vs Butler 69-67, L vs Long Beach State 79-68

What's going on in Westwood? These Bruins are terrible. Many Bruins followers believe that the highly touted recruiting class of a couple years ago simply isn't any good, and the freshmen don't have the experience to lead the team yet. But who knows if that class is going to end up being any good either? Maybe it's karma for stealing Josh Smith.