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UCLA 24 Washington 23

UCLA did everything they could to give Washington the game but the Huskies only scored 23 points despite being the beneficiaries of five turnovers and UW running back Chris Polk racked up up 132 yards on only 15 carries.

Erik Folk was 3-4 today in FGA's but missed a critical opportunity in the fourth quarter which would have given Washington the lead. Washington was driving again for the lead with less than two minutes left in the game when Jake Locker was picked off on the sidelines by Rahim Moore which pretty much ended the game.

The story in this one which we will rehash better in the morning is that Washington didn't play very well against a very mediocre UCLA squad. Washington left Kevin Craft beat them after knocking Kevin Prince in the first half with a concussion. The defense didn't play well today. They didn't get much pressure on the QB after shutting down the running game. UCLA outgained the Huskies 465 to 391. UCLA' two QB's were a combined 23 for 32 for 370 yards, 2 TD's, and two interceptions.

I will be back later with a complete wrap up and the game grades. Lets just say this was another one Washington should have won but I wouldn't call it a moral victory. This was a game they should have won and simply did not.