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Picking the Pac - Thanksgiving Edition

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Here are this weeks picks in the Pac 10!

Enjoy your Turkey!

Arizona at Arizona State

The one thing the Sun Devils have going for them is a disruptive defense that leads the conference in personal fouls. The personal fouls tend to distract the opposing teams rythm on offense. Expect those type of antics to be a big part of a rivarly game held in there own stadium. Arizona is coming off a crushing two overtime loss to Oregon at home that knocked them out of the Rose Bowl. You can expect a letdown from the Wildcats but probably not enough for them to end up losing the game. Foles and Grigsby should be able to do pretty much whatever they want on offense and the Wildcat D should be able to control the punchless Sun Devil offense.

Arizona by 10

Notre Dame at Stanford

The only thing in doubt about this game is whether Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis will be fired before or after the flight back home to South Bend. The Stanford offense will be able to run all day on the Irish. Jimmy Clausen will have some opportunities in his last game for Notre Dame before entering the draft but the cards will control theball all day limiting his chances. If you can't beat Navy or UConn at home you are not going to get close to Stanford at home.

Stanford by 13


The Bruins aren't very good but somehow Rick Neuheisel has been able to get six wins out of this outfit which means they are eligible for a bowl somewhere. This has been a tough transistion year for Pete Carroll and USC. three losses in what has become a rebuilding year for the team is no reason to panic. Like all rivarly games this one hinges on who comes ready to play. The collection of primadonna's over at USC could be surprised by a UCLA team that is starting to believe in itself.

USC by 7

Washington State at Washington

This is probably the worst WSU team I have ever seen and since I have been watching college football since the mid 1960's that tells you something. How they ever beat SMU is a mystery to me. The only thing that takes the sting off this season for the Cougars is beating the heavily favored Huskies. Like any rivarly game you can throw out the statistics and just let the two teams play.

Washington hasn't been playing well. They played down to the level of UCLA and lost in the last minutes of the game. Against Oregon State they simply didn't show up at all which is disturbing. Those last two performances tell me that WSU has a chance in this one if that Husky mind set continues. Sark is still sorta on his honeymoon but if his team loses on Saturday to this WSU the seat will begin warming.

I don't think there is anyway Washington can lose this football game. I said that last year too so what do I know?However Washington has too much talent on offense and I agree with Kavario Middleton who said the huskies would score 50 points in this one. That is just fine with me as long as the Cougars don't score 51.

Chris Polk should have a field day against WSU and a 200 yard game isn't out of the question if he gets 25 carries. Jake Locker is due for a big game and he should have plenty of time to set up and go deep against the Coug secondary.

Washington needs to come out and put this one out of reach in the first quarter like just about every other team the Cougars have played this season. If they do that it will be a long day for WSU. If they allow the Cougars to hang around in the second half they are going to be in big trouble.

Washington by 28