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What's better, 30 points and 15 rebounds (5 offensive) or 30.5 points and 4.5 rebounds, including a game with no (0 (zero (none (bupkes)))) offensive rebounds? This really doesn't take a genious. Klay Thompson had a game where he played out of his mind. It was a game that he may never in his life duplicate. So is that good enough to win Pac-10 Player of the Week? No. It isn't. Not when Quincy Pondexter played a game that is probably better than any game any Pac-10 player will have all year.

Pac-10 Player of the Week implies that the entire week will be taken into account. Not one game. Yet those who vote on the award snubbed Quincy Pondexter of his second honor in two weeks because Klay Thompson played one great game. The irony? Klay Thompson won on the shoulders of a game that was WORSE THAN QUINCY PONDEXTER'S. His first game was worse than Pondexter's. His second game, which was the best game he's ever played and may ever play, was still not as good as the game that Quincy Pondexter played.

So what is it voters? Is it the best volume week, the best per game week, or a combination of both? Because if it's the first then I guess Klay gets the award. But if it's either of the other two, especially the third (which I, and everybody else has been led to believe that it is) then Quincy Pondexter was flat out robbed this week. Or is it just whoever scores the most points, which doesn't make any sense at all? Seriously guys, get your heads out of your asses. Quincy Pondexter is playing as well as anybody in the nation, and deserves to be rocognized for it. Market your marquee players. If Thompson had put up his numbers against better opponents then I can understand, but he did it against Eastern Washington (UW's exhibition opponent) and IPFW (who?).

Or maybe it's an aggregate vote. When comparing the seasons of Pondexter and Thompson, Pondexter is higher in ORating, TS%, FTR, Free Throw %, Rebounding % (Offensive and defensive), and Assist/Turnover ratio. There is no contest here. So nope, can't be that.

Quincy Pondexter is 2/2 for Pac-10 Player of the Week awards as far as I'm concerned. Any argument to the contrary is ignorant. So lets vote on it. The last option is for Cougar fans, because Husky fans who read this blog are familiar with this.