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Huskies Pick Up Commitment From Enes Kanter

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Height: 6 feet, 9 inches

Weight: 240 pounds

School: Stoneridge Prep (Simi Valley, CA)

From: Turkey

Projected Position: Post

Rankings: ESPN: 92, Scout: 5 Star, Rivals: NR

Enes Kanter is a big body, and a big time prospect. This is kind of an out of the blue commitment, as most had no idea that Kanter was on UW's radar, or that UW was on Kanter's. As a player, Kanter is an animal on the glass, especially the offensive end. His offense is pretty limited at this point; he's just not that much of a skill player. His points come from guards drawing the defense while penetrating and dishing to Kanter for easy layups. The other portion of his offense comes from putbacks off of offensive rebounds. Defensively Kanter is a nice player, but far from dominant. He's not much of a shot blocker, but uses his size to hold his position in the paint.

This commitment gives the Huskies the full 13 scholarships heading into 2010, assuming all the pieces stay put. Romar will still try to sign Terrence Jones in the spring, and make the numbers work through attrition.

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