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Picking the Pac Week 12

The Huskies and the Trojans have the week off to lick their wounds before playing rivarly games next weekend. All eyes will be on Tucson this week as the Ducks and Wildcats face off for a possible Rose Bowl bid.

Arizona State at UCLA

If UCLA beats the Sun Devils they become bowl eligible by guaranteeing at least a 6-6 season. Not sure if 6-6 will actually get them a bowl because the guaranteed Pac 10 blowl slots will be automatically filled by teams with better records. Before we get ahead of ourselves lets talk about lowly ASU. The Devils sport a defense that leads the conference in penalties and personal fouls. Make no doubt about it that the circus will continue against the fragile UCLA offense this week in the Rose Bowl. I think ASU's defense gives them the edge even though the game is going to be played on the road. I can see the ASU defense scoreing a coule of TD's which may be all their struggling offense needs to win this game.

ASU by 3

Oregon State at Washington State

This will get ugly quickly and be over at the end of the first quarter. The Beavers have way too much firepower for the Cougars to contend with.

OSU by 35

California at Stanford

The Bears have held it together this season after consecutive ugly losses to Oregon and USC. Arch rival Stanford is coming off a convincing victory against USC last week. Stanford's power, emerging balance on offense, and a tough defense will prevail.

Tree by 10

Oregon at Arizona

This one is for all the marbles in the Pac 10. If Oregon wins all they have to do is beat OSU next week in another winner take all game to go to the Rose Bowl. Arizona surprised us in a loss to Cal last week. The Bears were able to slow down the Zona offense and Nick Foles when it counted in the fourth quarter. Oregon's offense has been pretty unstoppable this season but we were all surprised when the Tree manhandled them a couple of weeks ago.

Arizona is a good team and they are playing in front of a big home crowd with the ESPN Game Day in attendance. This may just be the biggest game in the history of the school. I think the Cal loss was pretty telling. I don't think Arizona can slow down the Oregon spread enough to win this game. I also think Oregon has the edge overall on defense and special teams.

Ducks by 10