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Game 2: Belmont

The Bruins await their seed after winning their 3rd straight Atlantic Sun Tournament in 2008
The Bruins await their seed after winning their 3rd straight Atlantic Sun Tournament in 2008

Conference: Atlantic Sun

2009 Record: 20-13, 14-6(T-2nd). CIT.

2010 Record: 1-0

Coach: Rick Byrd. 561-316, 469-261 at Belmont. 

Key Players:

Keaton Belcher: 6-9 Forward, Senior. 7.1 PPG, 3 RPG,16 points against PSU

Ian Clark: 6-3 Guard, Freshman. 21 points 5 rebounds, 3 assists against PSU

John House: 6-6 Forward, Junior. 8.3 PPG, 4.3 RPG, 53.1 eFG%

Scouting Belmont:

Belmont lost a ton of talent from last year's squad, returning just one starter. To add to that, the one starter who is returning didn't start their first game against Portland State. They play a considerably faster style than Wright State does, as last year they finished at nearly 70 possessions per game, good enough for 50th in the nation. They're a consistent threat to get to the tournament because they can run through their conference tourney and claim the auto bid, but they haven't been a team that's particularly impressive. Their offense was just outside of the top 100 last season and their defense were a very mediocre 166th. They're one of those teams that doesn't really do any one thing particularly well, however there's nothing that they do that's really very bad either. The beat Portland State by allowing a low percentage of field goals made and getting to the line 10 more times than the Vikings did.

How to Beat Them:

The Huskies should be able to more or less have their way with the Bruins. If they come out and play their typical uptempo style that plays right into Romar's hands and could quickly become a barn burner. The Huskies' primary focus should be playing solid defense, especially in transition, because UW's superior athletes should be able to take advantage of mismatches on the other end and put up a lot of points.


Belmont has typically been a pretty good team, but they simply lost too much talent from last year to this year to be competitive with a team like UW this early in the season. The Bruins might put it together later in the season, but I don't think they give the Dawgs much trouble in this one.

UW 86 - Belmont 62

Vegas: UW -17

Viewing: 7:00 No TV, Bank of America Arena

It's not on TV, but you should be watching the Pacquiao/Cotto fight anyway. After that ends, tune in to 950 KJR-AM to listen.