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Matt Mosley leaves the team

CB Matt Mosley had a meeting with Coach Steve Sarkisian today and decided to leave the team. He will transfer to another school. Mosley hasn't played this season but started a number of games last year. Obviously it was a matter of playing time and a tough decision for Matt who is a third generation Husky legacy. He is the grandson of Husky great Luther Carr who was a star RB int he late 1950's. His mother was also a UW athlete.

You hate to see things like this happen but the writing is on the wall since Washington will bring in around 30 new players in 2010. Expect to hear similar stories between now and next fall as players make up their own minds or the coaches suggest they head elsewhere in search of playing time.

Matt is a good athlete who never seemed to be a true fit at Washington at RB, WR, or CB. Kind of a classic tweener in my opinion. Look for him to land at Eastern, Portland State, or Central.