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Kudo's to Dawg Pound readers

I just want to thank all our readers and posters for their adult reactions to Saturday's loss. It was an emotional loss for the team and the fan base. When that happens sometime emotions can boil over. We sometimes look for scapegoats when we lose. It is the natural thing to do when we are upset. Not a single poster on this board dumped on the players or the coaches. I think that is fantastic. I was away from the board over the weekend and when I returned there wasn't a single post I had to delete because of over reaction or poor taste. All of you guys get it and are fantastic people.

Over at Dawgman there was a post that simply offended me. The same guy (Passion) posted last week that the reason we lost to Stanford was because we were simply outcoached. He has a history of over-reaction. If you are going to write stuff like this you need to have the guts to put your real name behind it rather than hide behind an anonymous moniker. To me it is simply gutless.

Sark better learn from his BONEHEAD performance. 

How many FRIGGIN times does notre dame have to stuff our a$$e$ on the goal line before the coach says: "Hmmm...we have the most athletic QB in America, maybe we should do a sprint out with a run/pass option." 


And then you go for it on the goal line when a field goal gives you an 8-point lead?????  After they stuffed us the previous play?!?!

Hang this one on this rookie coach who clearly is learning on the job, and doesn't have the savvy to know what friggin plays to call in the right situation.


Two years ago when a couple of fans started the "Fire Ty Willingham" site I criticized them for not using their real names. The logic was simple. If you are asking for someones head and threatening their job you should have the guts to post with your real name and address.

They fired back that I wasn't posting under my real name either. Since that day I have only posted under my real name. Those guys never got around to doing that. If you really want to really rip somebodies ass you should have the courage to let people know exactly who you are and where you live.

The above type of post is exactly why we started the UW Dawg Pound. We are going to criticize things now and then but we are going to back it up with an honest review and no name calling.

Am I critical of some of the calls made on the goal line drive? Of course I am because second guessing what didn't work is pretty easy. My feeling is despite the poor officiating calls and missed opportunities we still had more than an ample chance to put this game away. Those type of things happen on the road and you have to overcome it. We didn't and you have to give the Notre Dame defense credit.

I am really proud of the way our team is playing this year and in particular last week. I may not agree with every play call but our young coaching staff has taken an 0-12 team and put them in a position to compete and beat any team they play. That is a remarkable accomplishment to put together with less than a full deck in their first season.

I am really proud to be a Husky fan and I am even more proud of the collection of mature readers and posters we have assembled on this site. You guys are all champs in my book! Things are turning around. They are going to completely turn around quicker than any of us would have imagined. It is really important that we support this first team and give them all the love they deserve. It is really easy to love an undefeated team. Love this team because our kids and coaches have the hearts of champions.

The championships will eventually come. The true joy comes from supporting the team as they fight through the adversity it takes to get to the next level. Enjoy the ride because we are going to the top.

Go Dawgs.