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Future schedules

AD Scott Woodward has been hard at work putting together future schedules to fill out the next decade. One change that is rumored to be in the works is that we will have Big Sky teams on the schedule in the near future. UW is close to agreeing on contracts with Portland State and Eastern Washington.

I am a traditionalist but since almost every other team in the conference is scheduling such games UW is at a huge disadvantage if they don't.

One thing we hadn't heard at the stadium that Bob Condotta of the Times picked up was that two BYU game's in the future will be cancelled. That means Jake Heaps will never play in Husky Stadium. Shed a tear for Jake...just kidding.

In 2010 we face Syracuse and Nebraska at home. We have BYU on the road. We have heard a few rumblings that Syracuse may try to get out of that one...stay tuned.

As for other future opponents we are hearing Wisconsin, Illinois, and Hawaii for future home and homes. All of those three work very well for me. Madison is a two hour drive from my house so that works. Champaign is around two and a half hours. We went to Hawaii a couple of years ago and would likely opt to go again.

Solid for now is a home and home with Nebraska and a return game in Baton Rouge against LSU. Pencil me in for both of those if the creeks don't rise.  Lincoln is an eight hour drive so we will likely fly to that one.

Scott if you are reading this keep scheduling road games within 4-6 hours driving distance of Chicago. Think Wisconsin, Illinois, Purdue, Minnesota, Northwestern, Indiana, Purdue, Michigan, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Missouri, and Iowa.