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Dawgman Radio

We did a late night radio show from the basement of my brother in law Matt Lockner's log cabin...or as the guys called it a log mansion. Kim and Chris didn't get back from the game till around 11:30 PM EST because of all the work they had to do after the game.

We were cold, hoarse, tired and more than a little sad after the loss. We still summoned up enough energy to crank this puppy out.


SOMEWHERE OUTSIDE SOUTH BEND, IND. - In a cabin far away from the hustle and bustle of Notre Dame Central, Chris Fetters, Kim Grinolds, AANDY and John Berkowitz got together and talked about the Fighting Irish's 37-30 overtime win over Washington earlier in the day. There was plenty to talk about, as the game was one of the wildest seen by either team in quite some time.