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Picking the Pac - Week Nine

California at Arizona State

I find this to be a pretty interesting game. The Devils are terrible on offense but they have the ability to shut down a one dimensional offense. we allknow the Devils can  play defense and if they minimize the errors on offense this will be a close game. I don't think ASU will win another game this season. That being said it is a barometer game an how well Cal will finish out the season.

Cal by 7

UCLA at Oregon State

Not a good match up for the Bruins and the hope is their defense will become even more nicked up before they return home to face Washington. OSU has way too much offense for these guys to handle. The Bruins ae in self destruct mode and the players are starting to rebel against the coaching staff. Help is on the way for UCLA but not soon enough to save this season.

OSU by 14

Washington State at Notre Dame

If I lived in San Antonio I would be scratching my head about this match up. I know Notre Dame is national brand but why not match them up with an opponent from the Lone Star State? The Irish will go up 21 -0 in the first quarter and coast to a 35-7 win. WSU fans will take pride in the fact that they came back and played the Irish 14-7 the rest of the way.

ND by 28

USC at Oregon

This is the definition of a big game. the Trojans are mortal but have found a way to win ever since the surprising loss to Washington. Oregon has been playing the best ball as of late in the conference. The big question is can Masoli stand up to the punishment he will get on Saturday? Washington didn't touch himbut you can be that the Trojans are goins to sero in on his injured knee from the very first play of the game. Count on Taylor Mays to come early and often to puthim on the sidelines. This game hinges on the Ducks abilty to protect their QB. That being said the Duck offense counts on Masoli to pick up around 80 yards per game on the ground.

USC by 3